Nadi shodhana or alternate nostril breathing

Shelley Edwards, NLP practitioner and yoga teacher at The Hub, on nadi shodhanaShelley Edwards, The Natural Health Hub’s NLP practitioner, yoga instructor and weight loss mentoring coach, introduces a favourite breathing technique to de-clutter and focus the mind: nadi shodhana or alternate nostril breathing. Nadi is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘channel’ or ‘flow’ and  shodhana means ‘purification’ so this wonderful breathing exercise clears the mind and body from life’s daily toxicities. [/swpm_protected]


About NLP life coaching

Shelley Edwards offers NLP (or neurolinguistic programming) at The Hub, plus weight loss mentoring/coaching – we call her Mrs Motivator! NLP teaches you to run your mind, and stop your mind running you! This form of coaching helps you to help yourself in being, having and doing what you wish and living your best life. Limiting beliefs stop us achieving and moving forward, and by helping to remove those blockages NLP fires up new neuro pathways of helpful and empowering beliefs that ultimately lead to a better life! It is all about being at your best more often.

About weight loss mentoring/coaching

Weight loss mentoring/coaching is not simply a weight loss programme. It provides a blueprint for your well-being and whole life – because, as well as tackling your weight, fitness and lifestlye, and giving you goals, it addresses your beliefs and mindset to help you re-programme how your mind works.

With Shelley helping you take charge of your life and achieve your goals you get nothing but unbrimming enthusiasm and motivation.