Experience the deeply relaxing, healing and de-stressing benefits of Thai yoga massage

Shelley Edwards is now offering the wonderful experience of the ancient healing art of Thai yoga massage Thai yoga massage therapy is a lovely holistic process combining acupressure massage, gentle stretching and applied yoga. Not only is it hugely beneficial for both giver and receiver, as it releases energy blockages and deep healing occurs while you’re in a…

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Trapped nerves, carpal tunnel, jaw tension, overall tension, ME: a few kind words about our massage therapist Kim Walker-Hibbitt

Clinical massage,  including myofascial release, for ME/chronic fatigue syndrome I go to Kim for help with my ME/CFS recovery, stress, headaches and generally knackered body. It isn’t only Kim’s expertise that keep me coming back, it’s her individual, intuitive and holistic approach that makes me feel comfortable, safe and cared for while she works her magic. Kim…

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