how homeopathy works

Videos explain what homeopathy is and how it works

15% of our population use homeopathy and a further 80% have heard about it. However, many people are not quite sure what makes homeopathy different from other systems of medicine. What exactly is homeopathic treatment? How does homeopathy work? And what can it help with? If you want a simple explanation of what homeopathy is all about, then click…

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Homeopathy awareness week

Homeopathy Awareness Week: 10-16 April

It’s Homeopathy Awareness Week this week… please help us spread the word! Did you know that across the world homeopathy is the second most used line of treatment for medical ailments, used by over 200 million folk every year? In the UK 12% of the population (that’s nearly 8 million people) already know that homeopathy…

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10 reasons to choose homeopathy

Homeopathy is the second most used system of medicine worldwide. It is safe, gentle, non-toxic and non-addictive. As well as being holistic, it can be used from cradle to grave, for physical, mental and emotional issues – if your homeopath’s doing a good job you’ll not only resolve the issue you are going to see…

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Homeopathic treatment for hay fever

Homeopathic treatment for hayfever

It’s difficult to think of bright sunshine and the darling buds of spring in late-January, especially with all the damp and cold we’ve been having lately. But if you’re prone to sneezes, snuffles and sore eyes as soon as the warmer weather arrives, then you need to get some homeopathic treatment for hayfever NOW before…

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Nux vomica, the homeopathic hangover cure!

Got that over-fed bloated, burpy, bilious feeling? Head thumping from the excesses of last night? We’ve got the perfect antidote: the homeopathic remedy nux vomica, a natural and effective hangover cure. Perfect if you’ve overdone it over the festive season, whether it’s an excess of food or booze or too many rich naughties. It’s a…

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Stop yourself going down with flu this winter

Arm yourself for winter: we recommend that every household should stock up with oscillococcinum, the homeopathic flu prevention, this winter   NHS officials are in a tizz apparently that we’re in for a bumper year for flu, with record numbers of people set to go down with the virus this winter. Australia has just battled…

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Back-to-school blues, anxiety and wobbles

So you’ve done it! The kids are back at school, your toddler’s survived his first foray into nursery, life’s got back to some semblance of normality. But has it? Here’s how homeopathy can help if your child – or you – are suffering from school anxiety  If your child’s quiet and sullen and won’t say…

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Staycation or vacation… homeopathy kits for your summer holidays

When the kids were small school holidays were always the time when I brought out my basic homeopathic remedy kit most. If it wasn’t that tiny patch of skin we’d missed with the suntan cream, it was holiday constipation or mosquito bites that swelled up a whole leg. And then there was the summer we…

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Remedy of the month: euphrasia, panacea for hayfever eyes

The homeopathic remedy euphrasia (made from a plant commonly known as eyebright) is a fabulous all-rounder for any eye problems, from hayfever to eye strain to conjunctivitis. Take tablets, or a few drops of tincture neat or in water are the homeopathic equivalent of Optrex. Euphrasia is a top remedy (although by no means the only…

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Proof that homeopathy works for hayfever

Homeopath Sue Leach specialises in the treatment of hay fever here at The Hub. She aims not just to reduce your symptoms, but to stop you suffering from your hayfever altogether. Hayfever is one of the best-researched areas that proves homeopathy works. A study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet in 1986, by Dr David…

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