Releasing pain with polarity therapy

Is pain holding you back in life?

Jane Seaman describes how releasing pain with polarity therapy could enable you to have a whole new lease of life, get fresh energy – possibly even make some big changes or kickstart a new life Pain is insidious. It can take over your life. Physical pain clouds your emotions, emotional pain eventually manifests somewhere physically…

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Would you like to live without pain?

Yes, you can! Join The Hub’s therapists for a talk on how it is possible to reduce or even eradicate your pain, whether recent or longterm, and live without painkillers • Natural non–drug alternatives to painkillers • What is pain? How does it work? • Richard Newman and Jane Seaman share their experience of treating…

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Woman suffering from acute back pain

Finding non-drug solutions to pain

Whether it’s physical or mental and emotional pain, Jane Seaman describes how polarity therapy can help relieve and re-energise your mind and body so you can live pain-free  In today’s world ‘pain’ has become such a generic word as there are so many forms of physical, mental and emotional distress we can go through. It can range…

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Woman holding her back in pain

Non-drug alternatives to painkillers

Britons are taking too many painkillers. Shock research by The Sunday Times has revealed that Brits ‘are in the grip of an opioid epidemic’ – even the British Medical Association has used these words. There has been a huge rise in prescriptions of the most powerful painkillers, soaring addiction rates, and even overdoses and deaths.…

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