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So how are you sabotaging your immune system?

As the government predicts record levels of flu this winter, it’s going to be crucial that we all keep our immune system on top form. Our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple outlines some of the ways you could be compromising your immunity   It’s that time of year again when our immune systems are working super-hard…

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5 ways to boost your immunity

So, sad to say, the nights are drawing in. At this time of year, as the autumn mists begin to swirl of a morning, we have a single mantra: immunity, immunity, immunity. However healthy you are and however saintly your lifestyle and diet, you will be exposed to more bacteria and viruses over the coming…

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Summer survival guide

Our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple offers handy holiday hints, from how to fend off mozzies to guarding against holiday stress and sun damage Taking a B Vitamin Complex that includes Vitamin B1 is great for preventing insect bites. Local bee pollen is effective at warding off nibbly insects, and it will naturally help your histamine…

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Staying hydrated in hot weather

Down on the beach all day building sandcastles with the kids it’s all too easy for everyone to get dehydrated. On a normal day the average person loses 3-4 litres (about 10-15 glasses) of fluid in sweat, urine, exhaled air and bowel movements – approximately 1-2 litres goes just on breathing. When it’s hot this…

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Beat that hangover – naturally!

Forget over-the-counter hangover cures – there are plenty of ways to beat a hangover without taking onboard yet more chemicals. Here are our suggestions using natural supplements, herbs, fruit and veg… Milk thistle A herb with a good traditional track record in supporting liver function, milk thistle contains silymarin and silybin, active ingredients that help…

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