homeopathic remedy lotus, bringer of universal peace and calm

Lotus is a homeopathic remedy that is just right for this period of uncertainty and anxiety, writes homeopath Sue Leach, because it is calming, grounding and healing in one.

The remedy was made from a lotus plant growing in a pond in sacred ground in an ashram in Kerala, southern India. The seeds of this plant (Nelumbo nucifera), a lotus that grows in southeast Asia, have the ability to stay live for hundreds of years, with some reputed to have germinated after being preserved in a peat bog for 1,000 years. The lotus has always been of spiritual importance in the East, symbolising fertility, the birth process and purity. In Buddhism it is the symbol of perpetual life, with Buddha often depicted sitting on a lotus; plus the chakras are referred to as lotuses in the East. So as a homeopathic remedy, lotus can be taken on a day-to-day basis to keep calm and carry on – yet it also has a far deeper power and more profound uses …


Everyday uses of lotus

  • When you’re feeling agitated or distressed lotus calms that restlessness, tension, anxiety and unease. It’s a great remedy to take when you’re ‘in a flap’, even if that flap is actually due to over-excitement.
  • Lotus can be used like Rescue Remedy, the blend of five Bach flower remedies that has been trusted by millions to provide support during times of emotional demand. Think of lotus as a present-day, deeper-acting Rescue Remedy because of the links this sacred flower has to the East and spirituality.
  • In times when you are finding it hard to focus, feel scattered, forgetful and have a tendency to drift off, lotus enables you to stay grounded.
  • If you are worried or have a sense of something impending, lotus is great for anticipatory anxiety.
  • Lotus can be taken before meditation to give access to higher levels, plus it affords greater protection during circle and meditation work.
  • It can help healers and practitioners to maintain an open heart, yet keep their aura closed and energies grounded.
  • It is an excellent remedy to be taken at birth and death, to ensure calm transitions.


On a deeper level

Lotus is a much deeper remedy than its everyday uses may suggest. On a spiritual level it is a symbol of purity, peace and serenity even in adversity – of East meets West. It carries the energies of Buddha and the ancient masters, symbolising perfection and unconditional love.

Prescribed by a homeopath, it can:

  • ease a deep sense of shock held in the solar plexus, leading to feelings of restlessness and anxiety but without necessarily knowing why.
  • bring new beginnings on any level of consciousness… true awakenings.
  • allow people to let go of acute and/or longstanding grief, especially where there is a sense of remorse or bitterness.
  • can be a great facilitator of forgiveness, true forgiveness, which allows true opening of the heart chakra and freedom and release. It enables you to forgive yourself when you feel this remorse and to forgive others, by seeing their motives more clearly when you are inclined to attribute blame.
  • bring everyone to ‘a point of stillness’, or acceptance that all things will unfold the way they are meant to be.

Lotus is believed to have the potential to be a ‘universal healer’. It could enable healing to be given and accepted at a very high level, and be the bringer of peace and forgiveness to all humanity. It is a remedy to be put into the water supply. Just wishing we could somehow sneak into the water worldwide to allow acceptance and learning to come from past two years.

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