homeopathic remedy lotus, bringer of universal peace and calm

Lotus is a homeopathic remedy that is just right for this period of uncertainty and anxiety, writes homeopath Sue Leach, because it is calming, grounding and healing in one. The remedy was made from a lotus plant growing in a pond in sacred ground in an ashram in Kerala, southern India. The seeds of this…

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The colour red

Join us for the second episode in the six-part guided meditation series with Jane Seaman, The Hub’s meditation teacher. Jane focuses on the power of the colour red and its cleansing and grounding properties. This is a visualisation meditation to enable you to remove your energy and chakra blockages through Jane’s soothing, steadying voice –…

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Grounding meditation

Jane Seaman, who holds weekly guided meditation at The Hub, brings you the first in a series of her meditations. This one is particularly good for grounding yourself, bringing you a sense of balance and calm. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, switch off your devices and allow 10 minutes. [swpm_protected for=”4″…

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