Ultra-processed food linked to cancer

The headlines this week have confirmed something close to our hearts at The Hub: the link between ultra-processed food and cancer. We’ve been banging on about this for some time… now at last we’ve got documented facts and figures – and, boy, are they compelling. A new study reveals that upping the amount of convenience (…)

Valentine's gifts for men

Valentine’s gifts for men

We present our yummy range of toiletries that make perfect Valentine’s gifts for men. Treat the man in your life to a body wash or after shave that’s made from lovely natural ingredients and free from harmful preservatives and chemicals – with a fragrance that’s easy on the nose! PERFECT FOR FITNESS FANATICS Weleda Arnica Muscle (…)

Bunion treatment

Top tips on bunion treatment from our footcare expert

Our foot health specialist Lorna Pullman gives the lowdown on taking care of your feet, with a special focus on bunion treatment   What is a bunion? Also known as Hallux Abducto Valgus or HAV, a bunion is an enlargement of the big toe joint. It occurs when the big toe moves out of place. (…)

Valentine's Day gifts

More Valentine’s gifts for her

We’ve got so many yummy Valentine’s Day gifts in stock that we couldn’t fit them all on one photo!! So here goes with more of our presents for the woman in your life, all specially chosen because they’re not only free from harmful chemicals and toxins, they’re also yummy, fragrant and a real treat. Guaranteed (…)

Valentine's presents

Valentine’s presents for her

Forget red roses that are overpriced and will be dead in days, we’ve got a wide range of really lovely Valentine’s presents in stock at The Hub for the woman in your life. All specially chosen because they’re not only free from harmful chemicals and toxins, they’re also yummy, fragrant and a real treat. Choose (…)

Relax, release and revitalise with the wonderful healing of sound therapy. 1 February

We listen to music to cheer ourselves up, we’re moved to tears when we hear a tune with memories, we feel uplifted and happier after a good singsong… The therapeutic power of sound is well proven. What is perhaps less well known – yet equally academically researched – is that sound can be deeply healing, (…)

Guided mindfulness practice: learn to clear your head of all that clutter! 3 Feb

Not sure what mindfulness is all about? Heard all about its benefits and intended to take it up, but never quite got around to it? Been on a mindfulness course or dabbled in the theory, but still not integrating it into the day to day? Here’s your opportunity to explore guided mindfulness with The Hub’s mindfulness teacher… It could (…)

Death Cafe

Our Death Café: an opportunity to talk to others about death and dying. 8 Feb

Tracey Underhill-Law invites you to our Death Café, a monthly opportunity to meet up, have some cake and tea, and chat informally with others about death Death is everybody’s business The notion of hosting Death Cafés started some years ago and has blossomed into a worldwide movement of gatherings: http://deathcafe.com. At a Death Café people, often (…)

Being a rock: a fresh look at how to listen and support so people feel heard. FREE TALK: 8 Feb

Learn the skill of listening – truly listening – to your partner, friends and family so they feel you’re there for them and they are heard and supported. A taster talk with Mandy Preece, founder of Being Rock Have you ever wanted to know how to respond to your children when they are sad, angry or frustrated? (…)

Homeopathic treatment for hay fever

Homeopathic treatment for hayfever

It’s difficult to think of bright sunshine and the darling buds of spring in late-January, especially with all the damp and cold we’ve been having lately. But if you’re prone to sneezes, snuffles and sore eyes as soon as the warmer weather arrives, then you need to get some homeopathic treatment for hayfever NOW before (…)

An attitude of gratitude in 2018

‘Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot’ There’s so much wisdom in this simple African proverb. In the hurly-burly of life how easy it is to dwell on the negatives, or get wrapped up in the difficulties, and not give thanks for what you have. How often do you press the (…)

How to boost immunity to fend off flu

With record numbers of people going down with flu this winter and other whopper bugs that seem to drag on for weeks, it’s all the more important for us all to arm ourselves against these lurgies. Here’s how to boost immunity to fend off flu and other infections and viruses. We offer a full selection (…)

Could your gut be the cause of your low mood and anxiety?

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, actually, recent scientific research has found that the way to everyone’s whole health is through their stomachs. Your microbiome, the bacteria or flora in your gut, has a strong influence on you not only physically but also mentally and emotionally too (…)

Purify your microbiome and give yourself the best New Year boost ever

Rebalancing your microbiome (or gut flora) is, as Dr Michael Mosely has widely reported in the press and media, the secret to good health – not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Start the New Year with a gift to your microbiome:  our 21-day Purify programme is a belt-and-braces cleanse and detox to set yourself (…)

Frazzled, anxious, tired, overwhelmed: get yourself a de-stressing mind massage

Close your eyes, sit back, breathe deep and relax into a beautifully restorative ‘mind massage’. Just like a body massage relaxes and clears the body of toxins and tension, this hypnosis technique clears your mind of whatever needs clearing… Imagine getting rid of all that negativity and unhelpful stuff that clouds your thinking and drains (…)

The best vitamins for low energy and tiredness

If you’re feeling tired and low in energy it could well be that you’re low in B Vitamins. Here are the five best vitamins for lack of energy and tiredness Vitamin B1 (thiamin) Your body’s cells use the carbohydrates in your diet as their main fuel. However, you need a steady supply of Vitamin B1 to (…)

Proof our probiotics work

The Hub’s selection of products containing ‘friendly’ bacteria have been carefully selected to ensure that they really do deliver the health benefits they claim – they’re all produced by reputable companies with well-researched clinical proof that the probiotics work There’s been quite a bit of bad press recently trying to disprove that probiotics work: claims (…)

New Year detox: our healthy, no-pain liver cleanse

At The Hub we recommend starting the New Year with a liver cleanse. Not a restrictive regime or purge or shock your body with a fast, but a 10-day detox you do alongside your normal diet to both purify and nourish your system after the festive heavy hit. Click here if you have your doubts… (…)

5 reasons to do a January detox

There’s a lot of balony trotted out about how detox is a waste of time or really bad for us. Yes, we agree it’s not great to go (excuse the pun!) completely cold turkey and not eat for a week in the New Year, or substitute sachets for real food. But we reckon a good (…)

The difference between probiotics and prebiotics

There’s been so much in the press recently about prebiotics, with claims that they’re a dietary wunderkind linked to anti-ageing, weight loss and lots more. Prebiotics are the food source for our probiotics, the healthy bacteria in our gut. They cannot be broken down or absorbed by the body but – in an ideal healthy (…)