Graphites, the lead in pencils, a homeopathic remedy for eczema

A top homeopathic remedy for eczema is graphites – available both as a cream or tablets. Homeopath Sue Leach explains when it would be appropriate to use graphites

Graphites (made from the ‘lead’ in your pencil) is a very useful homeopathic remedy for eczema. It is particularly recommended for eczema that is crusty, moist, yellow and sticky, forming especially in the folds of joints such as the elbows, knees or groin. Or when your eczema tends to crack and ooze clear or yellowish, sticky liquid when scratched. The rash often affects specific areas only, such as behind the ears or nipples, and for women the eczema may get worse around their periods.

Graphites can be bought over the counter and can be a good first port of call for this type of eczema. However, to really get to the heart of what someone’s eczema is all about and find a remedy specifically tailored to each individual, it is usually advisable to consult a homeopath because there are scores of remedies that can help eczema. For details, for example, of how the remedy sulphur can benefit eczema sufferers click here.

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