Wild child: demonstrating the type of child who needs the homeopathic remedy sulphur

Sue Leach explains how homeopathy works to treat eczema. Here she recalls a girl whose eczema improved after being given the homeopathic remedy sulphur

Emma bounced into my clinic, hair all over the place, breakfast still round her mouth. She held up her hands and, at six, told me straight out about her eczema. Her skin was generally a bit scurfy, the eczema red, flaky and hot. She wore odd socks and clothes that didn’t match – her choice, and she didn’t give a damn! A forthright young lady, it wasn’t worth arguing with her about clothes. She wandered round the room, opening drawers and asking questions.

I gave her a course of the remedy sulphur and her eczema cleared. It returned just once a couple of years later, after Emma had had a bad stomach bug, but a repeat dose of sulphur and her skin was clear again.

How homeopathy works for eczema

As a homeopath I do not focus merely on someone’s eczema. Yes, sometimes the specific areas of the body where someone has the problem may point me to a particular line of treatment, or their specific symptoms. But usually it is far more effective for me to prescribe holistically: to find out what the person with eczema is like, their character, their likes and dislikes, their idiosyncrasies, the rest of their medical history and family health.

In this case Emma was a classic ‘sulphur child’, and that’s why the remedy was so effective.


The sulphur child

Boy eating ice creamThink Dennis the Menace. Children who respond well to sulphur tend to have some or may of the following attributes:


  • Outgoing
  • Need plenty of action, stimulation and excitement
  • Articulate
  • They know their own minds and can be stubborn
  • CuriousChid playing in mud
  • Can be fiery tempered. They do volcanic anger, followed by quick remorse and apologies
  • No hint of embarrassment


  • Dishevelled or scruffy looking. Even after a bath they can still look unclean
  • Hot blooded and can’t bear heat. They’ll tend to sleep with the feet out of the bed and getting shoes on in summer may be a battle – they prefer to go bare-footed
  • Girl with red faceRed, dry, flaky, rough skin
  • Smelly body or bad breath
  • Love getting dirty, hate washing or cleaning their teeth
  • Lots of catarrah (and they may wipe their nose on their sleeves despite knowing everyone disapproves!)

Sulphur is just one among many homeopathic remedies that can benefit eczema sufferers. Read here about another remedy for eczema, graphites. To make an appointment with Sue or our student homeopath Melissa click here