Our bioresonance scan identifies the energy flow within your body and where you are out of balance. Discover which organs or body systems are not operating at optimum, vitamins or mineral deficiences, hormonal imbalances, food/environmental sensitivities, bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins weakening your system, emotional blocks, chakra information, and much much more.

Discover which foods you are sensitive to with our scan covering 99 foods, including all food groups and common things that feature in most people's diets. This is scan that can be conducted in person at The Natural Health Hub or by sending us a hair sample. It includes a full written report, with instructions on steps to take with your diet, plus (if chosen) a desensitising remedy.

Bioresonance scans can be conducted remotely using a sample of 5-6 strands of your hair (it doesn't matter if it is chemically treated or coloured). Simply pop a sample in the post and our practitioner will explain and discuss your results via a video call. Full instructions when you click Book Now.


Homeopathy has been a successful complementary healthcare system for over 200 years. The philosophy behind it is that by restoring the balance of our body, mind and emotions we can achieve good health and well-being. It is all about kick-starting or stimulating the body’s own in-built ability to heal itself.