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To find true health we believe the mind as well as the body has to be nurtured. Our therapies have been carefully selected to ensure the mind, body and soul are supported and fulfilled, with our practitioners working as a team with you at the very centre of it.

To book a session with one of our therapists, simply book now or call us on 01590 670955. If you need to cancel an appointment please give 24 hours’ notice to avoid being charged.

Mind/body therapies


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practised for thousands of years in China and other Eastern countries. Since making its way west it has quickly become one of the fastest-growing alternative therapies and is often used to complement and enhance the benefits of conventional medicine.



There are times when life feels difficult and having the right therapist to support you through this is important. I can offer a safe, gentle space to explore what is going on and offer a first session for free.

Empathy, lack of judgement and integrity are the core elements of the therapeutic relationship I offer. Often the nature of this relationship allows clients to reveal elements of themselves, and their lives, that they may never have shared with anyone else before. The unveiling of one’s inner self in a secure space, and acceptance by the therapist, often brings relief and a growth in self-awareness and self-confidence.


Homeopathy has been a successful complementary healthcare system for over 200 years. The philosophy behind it is that by restoring the balance of our body, mind and emotions we can achieve good health and well-being. It is all about kick-starting or stimulating the body’s own in-built ability to heal itself.


The Neurological Integration System (NIS) works on the principle that the brain is the key to the body functioning at its best. This treatment is all about switching on dormant circuits, that should, when they are awake, be assisting your brain to control your numerous body systems.

Every day is for our bodies a physical (and emotional) balancing act, and (like the man in our picture) sometimes maintaining that balance can be pretty precarious. Various events throughout our lives take us, often unwittingly, beyond our limits – in effect we ‘blow some fuses’. Once several of these circuits within the body are functioning below par, symptoms start to manifest.

NLP life coaching

NLP teaches you to run your mind, and stop your mind running you! This form of coaching helps you to help yourself in being, having and doing what you wish and living your best life. Limiting beliefs stop us achieving and moving forward, and by helping to remove those blockages NLP fires up new neuro pathways of helpful and empowering beliefs that ultimately lead to a better life! It is all about being at your best more often.

We are passionate about keeping things natural at The Hub, both for your health and the health of the environment, so everything we use for the manicures and pedicures is non-toxic, contains no chemicals and is based around plants and essential oils. We are enriching and hydrating your nails (rather than wrecking them!) as well, of course, as pampering them fresh and pretty.


Reflexology is the ancient art of activating the healing powers of the body via gentle pressures to the feet. It induces deep relaxation, improves circulation and balances the body.

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing system that works holistically on every level to balance, heal and harmonise you – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The Japanese word reiki loosely translates as ‘universe-directed life force energy’, with the practitioner using spiritual energy to activate your own natural healing processes.

In a sound therapy session we discuss how your life/health issues affect you within the body – physically, mentally, emotionally and, for some, on a spiritual level. You do not need to tell me everything about your problems, just describe the effect they have. 

This is not simply a weight loss programme. It provides a blueprint for your well-being and whole life – because, as well as tackling your weight, fitness and lifestlye, and giving you goals, it addresses your beliefs and mindset to help you re-programme how your mind works.


Our bodies need to be nourished and nurtured, and our range of nutritional therapy and diagnostic testing are an effective way to review your diet, explore your vitamin and mineral deficiencies and put you on the path to better health.

Ideal for those suffering from IBS, gut-health issues, low energy, hormonal problems and food intolerances.

To book an appointment with one of our therapists, simply book now or call us on 01590 670955.

Naturopathic nutrition works on the principle of using food as medicine. What we put into our bodies has an impact on how our bodies perform. Your body is amazing and has an incredible ability to heal…

Over 45% of the population react adversely to foods that they eat which, while not life threatening, can have a massive impact on people’s quality of work and home life. Symptoms can vary from gut problems and bloating, to headaches, migraines, low mood, fatigue, weight gain and skin problems.

Hair analysis testing provides a wellness check that can help you find the root cause of your symptoms, such as nutrient deficiencies, impaired digestion, food sensitivities or imbalance in your gut flora. It will arm you with information to address these underlying health problems through nutrition and naturopathic techniques.


Massage is a unique fusion of numerous holistic techniques. Never formulaic, this will be a unique experience every time, with Lexi intuitively focusing on you and your needs on the day. Working energetically through meridians and pressure points using oils, perhaps incorporating Thai techniques and Indian head massage, this is a deliciously nurturing treatment that goes deep without being deep tissue. It may involve crystals and breath work, and may be hands-on or involve no body contact… whatever is called for to gentle release and relax in every way.

Thai yoga massage therapy is a lovely holistic process combining acupressure massage, gentle stretching and applied yoga. Hugely beneficial for both giver and receiver, it releases energy blockages and deep healing occurs while you’re in a state of relaxed meditation… it’s blissfully relaxing and de-stressing.