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hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking: it’s more effective than nicotine patches

Today is National No Smoking Day and, if like 70 per cent of smokers you would like to kick your addiction, then today’s the day to take action. A stunning 86 per cent of smokers have tried to break the habit but failed, yet evidence shows that people having hypnotherapy to quit smoking not only (…)

Valentine's presents

Our gorgeous selection of Mother’s Day gifts

Mothers always need spoiling and we’ve got a wide range of really attractive gifts in stock at The Hub that mums will love on Mother’s Day. All specially chosen because they’re not only free from harmful chemicals and toxins, they’re also yummy, fragrant and a real treat. For your Mother’s Day presents choose from deluxe (…)

Our Mother’s Day gift voucher

At a loss for Mother’s Day ideas? Bored of flowers and chocolates for her Mother’s Day pressie? Bet she is too! Then why not show your appreciation of your long-suffering, greatly loved mother with a Mother’s Day gift voucher from The Natural Health Hub – something she’ll remember and cherish far more, we’re sure, than (…)

acupuncture for pain relief

Balance Method acupuncture, an effective treatment for pain… and more

The beauty of Balance Method acupuncture is it can provide instant pain relief. Unlike other forms of acupuncture, which focus on the point of the body suffering the pain, Balance Method acupuncture treats meridian lines, or energy channels coursing through your arms and legs. An added bonus is that means you can be treated fully clothed. Richard (…)

eat your greens

Eat your greens – with a drizzle of oil

Everyone knows you need to eat your greens to stay fit and healthy and fend off illness – but the latest findings suggest that we only gain the full health benefits from green vegetables if we sprinkle them with oil. Apparently oils, such as extra virgin olive oil and soybean oil, help our body absorb (…)

ways to prevent and tackle panic attacks

Am I having a panic attack?

What does it feel like to have a panic attack? We share women’s experiences of the terror of having a panic attack, and suggest ways to prevent and tackle panic attacks here on offer at The Hub: from hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling and homeopathy, to empowerment coaching, yoga, mindfulness and dietary advice. Just as stress comes at (…)


10 reasons to choose homeopathy

Homeopathy is the second most used system of medicine worldwide. It is safe, gentle, non-toxic and non-addictive. As well as being holistic, it can be used from cradle to grave, for physical, mental and emotional issues – if your homeopath’s doing a good job you’ll not only resolve the issue you are going to see (…)

Change your whole outlook on life for the positive

We share some of the feedback Lis Horwich has received for her Life Retuning treatment. Not only can it reduce stress and anxiety, it can lift depression, neutralise old hurts and long-held emotions, and change your whole outlook on life for the positive   Stress and anxiety diminished ‘While suffering from a recurrent episode of (…)

Ultra-processed food linked to cancer

The headlines this week have confirmed something close to our hearts at The Hub: the link between ultra-processed food and cancer. We’ve been banging on about this for some time… now at last we’ve got documented facts and figures – and, boy, are they compelling. A new study reveals that upping the amount of convenience (…)

Valentine's gifts for men

Valentine’s gifts for men

We present our yummy range of toiletries that make perfect Valentine’s gifts for men. Treat the man in your life to a body wash or after shave that’s made from lovely natural ingredients and free from harmful preservatives and chemicals – with a fragrance that’s easy on the nose! PERFECT FOR FITNESS FANATICS Weleda Arnica Muscle (…)

Bunion treatment

Top tips on bunion treatment from our footcare expert

Our foot health specialist Lorna Pullman gives the lowdown on taking care of your feet, with a special focus on bunion treatment   What is a bunion? Also known as Hallux Abducto Valgus or HAV, a bunion is an enlargement of the big toe joint. It occurs when the big toe moves out of place. (…)

Valentine's Day gifts

More Valentine’s gifts for her

We’ve got so many yummy Valentine’s Day gifts in stock that we couldn’t fit them all on one photo!! So here goes with more of our presents for the woman in your life, all specially chosen because they’re not only free from harmful chemicals and toxins, they’re also yummy, fragrant and a real treat. Guaranteed (…)

Valentine's presents

Valentine’s presents for her

Forget red roses that are overpriced and will be dead in days, we’ve got a wide range of really lovely Valentine’s presents in stock at The Hub for the woman in your life. All specially chosen because they’re not only free from harmful chemicals and toxins, they’re also yummy, fragrant and a real treat. Choose (…)

Relax, release and revitalise with the wonderful healing of sound therapy. 1 February

We listen to music to cheer ourselves up, we’re moved to tears when we hear a tune with memories, we feel uplifted and happier after a good singsong… The therapeutic power of sound is well proven. What is perhaps less well known – yet equally academically researched – is that sound can be deeply healing, (…)

Guided mindfulness practice: learn to clear your head of all that clutter! 3 Feb

Not sure what mindfulness is all about? Heard all about its benefits and intended to take it up, but never quite got around to it? Been on a mindfulness course or dabbled in the theory, but still not integrating it into the day to day? Here’s your opportunity to explore guided mindfulness with The Hub’s mindfulness teacher… It could (…)

Death Cafe

Our Death Café: an opportunity to talk to others about death and dying. 8 Feb

Tracey Underhill-Law invites you to our Death Café, a monthly opportunity to meet up, have some cake and tea, and chat informally with others about death Death is everybody’s business The notion of hosting Death Cafés started some years ago and has blossomed into a worldwide movement of gatherings: At a Death Café people, often (…)

Being a rock: a fresh look at how to listen and support so people feel heard. FREE TALK: 8 Feb

Learn the skill of listening – truly listening – to your partner, friends and family so they feel you’re there for them and they are heard and supported. A taster talk with Mandy Preece, founder of Being Rock Have you ever wanted to know how to respond to your children when they are sad, angry or frustrated? (…)

Kids' yoga workshop

Kids’ yoga workshop: 15 February, 2-4pm

Let your children experience the magic of our kids’ yoga workshop, this February half term, with yoga teacher Hannah Bimpson. Over the afternoon they will learn basic yoga postures as well as some breath work and exciting yoga games. Not only will your children have a fun-filled afternoon, they will come away with techniques they (…)

Yogic relaxation

Yogic relaxation: de-stress blend of breath work, chanting & yoga nidra. 15 Feb

For this monthly yogic relaxation class you will be using a mixture of yogic breath work, chanting and yoga nidra to de-stress and revitalise your mind, body and soul. The class is led by yoga instructor Hannah Bimpson, to allow you to surrender to the practice without having to worry about what to do next. (…)

Vinyasa yoga workshop - yoga for athletes

Vinyasa flow yoga workshop: 24 February

This month’s vinyasa flow yoga workshop with Anna Harling is for anyone who does regular exercise and/or is training for an event who’s in need of stretching those hamstrings and hips. Learn how yoga can enhance your exercise YOGA FOR ATHLETES Not just for the professionals! For anyone who is active! Whether you are training for an (…)

The Natural Health Hub is proud to be joining the fundraising efforts of Friends of Ray of Hope, a small charity that helps slum families in Uganda. Every penny donated goes to their project for the benefit of the children and their families, enabling many youngsters and women to escape the poverty and disease of the slum community.

Our Vision

The Natural Health Hub is exactly what the name suggests: a hub where practitioners gather together and collaborate with the common goal of promoting and providing natural health for women, children and babies. My aim is to establish a centre of excellence in complementary therapies, a place to come for holistic healing and advice, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.