Discover our health & well-being sanctuary in the heart of Lymington

Discover our health & well-being sanctuary in the heart of Lymington

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We are dedicated to nurturing your mind, body and soul

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Welcome to The Natural Health Hub…

A hidden sanctuary in the heart of the New Forest, we are dedicated to your health and happiness. Through our team of experienced and dedicated holistic complementary therapists, we are here to nuture your body, mind and soul, and give you the strength and vitality to live your life to the full.

Whether you choose an appointment, class or one of our regular monthly workshops, together we will walk you along your path to health, wellbeing, and fulfilment. Call us on 01590 670955 or pop in any time for a free advice and to browse our handpicked natural products.

Mind/body therapies

Meet the team


A little about us

“I established The Natural Health Hub in May 2017 because I wanted to create a centre of calm and wellbeing in the New Forest. By bringing together an extensive selection of complementary treatments and dedicated professional therapists, we are able to work as a team committed to the health and happiness of everyone who comes to us. We only have one life, and our aim is to ensure we all live it as passionately, creatively and fully as we can by looking after our physical and emotional wellbeing…”

Sue Leach, Founder

Start your journey to health

Our Health Notes are a way of bringing together our team’s years of study and experience and sharing them with you.
Ranging from natural remedies for fighting the common cold to easy tips for staying calm and even our favourite lotions and potions – you will hopefully find the answers and inspiration you need in our Health Notes.

Woman with cold and mucus looking miserable

Why am I so snotty? Emotional causes

Our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple explains how mucus is not always due to physical causes. All too often if someone is constantly mucousy or feels congested a lot of the time, it can be put down to emotional reasons. For physical issues that can lead to mucus click here, read on for emotional issues… Whenever someone asks…

Woman with a cold

Why am I so snotty? Physical causes

Are you struggling with clearing mucus, knocked down by a cold or feeling sluggish and congested? Our naturopathic nutritionist  Rhi Hepple explains some reasons why your cold may be lingering and offers some naturopathic tips for added support. Whenever someone asks me about mucus I wonder what is going on for them not only physically but also…

Coping with grief over the loss of a dog

We’re here to help with YOUR grief

Two members of the team at The Hub are in mourning for the loss of their elderly dogs this week. The picture shows my little pooch, Storm, who went on one of her last outings in our wheelbarrow a few weeks ago because she’d become too weak to walk. Grief is never simple, and our…

Stress fight and flight

Are you stuck in fight or flight?

Find it impossible to relax? Feeling overwhelmed? Stress is one of the most disruptive ‘states of being’ to our mental, emotional and physical health. Whereas our ancestors struggled for survival, today we’ve got so many continual complex pressures – time, money, technology and a thousand other tensions – that society has created. And if we’re not…

2 pairs of BAM bamboo socks

Look after your feet with bamboo socks

Good foot health is obviously particularly important through winter to prevent athlete’s foot and other problems – and wearing the right socks is vital. We recommend bamboo socks, particularly if you are diabetic, have Raynaud’s or other circulatory problems, or are prone to fungal infections and nails. Here are some tips on choosing the right…

Stop yourself going down with flu this winter

Arm yourself for winter: we recommend that every household should stock up with oscillococcinum, the homeopathic flu prevention Last year was a bumper year for flu, with records numbers of people suffering. It was the worst flu season in almost two decades. Part of the reason flu has managed to hit so badly is that the…

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