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Our team of complementary therapists end expert holistic practitioners are currently beavering away to launch The Daily Dose, a subscribers' only feed of exclusive content about all things wellness. The Daily Dose will bring a daily piece of positivity from The Natural Health Hub, offering advice, support, news and expertise to keep you on an even keel in mind, body and spirit. Featuring the real facts and figures about health and preventing sickness, the alternatives you can choose and why, self-help guidance, tips and advice, the team's recommendations, lots of yoga, breathing and meditation videos… and more (not least exclusive discounts for subscribers). Here's how to stay grounded and calm while everything else around us is going pear-shaped.

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Catch us on Intagram and Facebook for regular updates

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Our Health jottings are a way of bringing together our team’s years of study and experience and sharing them with you.
Ranging from natural remedies for fighting the common cold to easy tips for staying calm and even our favourite lotions and potions – you will, we hope, find the answers and inspiration you need in our Health jottings.

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DoTerra OnGuard

Staying OnGuard against flu viruses

With the government guidelines to wash our hands scrupulously to the tune of two verses of Happy Birthday, DoTerra’s OnGuard blend of essential oils is perfect in this current climate, providing a potent protective hand wash and all-natural alternative to hand sanitisers. In a study in America the OnGuard essential oil blend has been clinically (…)

Mother's love illustrated by a swan with her babies on her back

To mother with love

Remember a time when your mum went above and beyond? A time when she hugged you through an illness or after a nightmare, coaxed you through fear and loathing before a big event, praised a drawing that was utterly rubbish?! Maybe a moment of hilarity or fun that has a special place in your memory. (…)

Benefits of pilates for core strength, toning, flexility and the feel-good factor

5 reasons to do pilates

We’re so pleased to offer pilates at The Hub. It’s just SO beneficial in so many ways. Here are 5 reasons it should be part of everyone’s life – not least those who sit at a desk all day… ⁠Pilates brings positive realignment of the spine and body, allowing you to connect with your body (…)

Hypnotherapy used in mainstream medicine

Proof that hypnosis should be taken seriously

For too long hypnosis has had a bad rap. People have associated it either with cheap entertainment designed to amuse an audience, or with fear that somehow they will ‘lose control’ when they ‘go under’. But not only is a growing body of research starting to prove the benefits of hypnotherapy, hypnosis techniques are increasingly (…)

Whisper oil from DoTerra, tailormade for women

Perfect gift for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day on 22 March. Fancy giving your mum something she will treasure for longer than just Mothering Sunday? Something that is quintessentially feminine and premium quality and guaranteed to make her feel special? We suggest DoTerra’s Whisper, a blend of  essential oils specifically tailormade for women  Whisper is a complex and diverse blend. (…)

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