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Natural sunscreens: not only are they kinder to our skin, they’re kinder to our oceans. FREE talk, Saturday 22 July 11am-12

Are you aware the harmful chemicals you are putting on your skin when you apply sunscreens? Did you know that the vast majority of products are highly toxic to our health, plus they're also damaging our marine life and oceans? Are sun products that claim to be 'natural' actually as natural as they claim to be? Come along to a FREE talk by Alex Herring on why it's crucial to choose natural for your sunscreens this summer - for [...]

What is it that keeps you coming back to your yoga mat time and time again?

Our yoga instructor Hannah Bimpson ponders on how yoga reaches so much more than just the physical… We all know it’s important for our physical health to engage in some form of exercise, but it can be really difficult to find the motivation to continue going, week in week out, to the same exercise class. Especially if you don’t really enjoy it! So why does yoga seem to be growing more and more popular? What I believe is that [...]

Baby massage: 5-week course starting on 20 July, 1.30-3pm each Thursday

Our baby massage expert Jackie Halford will introduce you to the wonderful art of baby massage. You’ll hear all about the benefits of soothing massage (both to you and your baby) for colic, sleep… you name it. Plus learn techniques to practise on your own with your child at home. Baby massage is a beautiful relaxing, bonding experience that no parent should miss! Here are just a few of the many, many ways that massaging can be an enormous [...]

Breastfeeding workshop with the Naked Midwives: FREE 20 July, 2-3.30pm

Pregnant and uncertain whether to breastfeed or not? Feeling apprehensive about feeding because everyone’s told you it’s painful? Or determined to breastfeed your baby and want to gen up on all the facts so you get it right? You seriously need to come to our free breastfeeding workshop in July. This will be an informal but informative talk with lots of down-to-earth and supportive advice from our local midwives Sam Pantlin and Alex Williams, The Naked Midwives, who pride [...]

Yogi Bear yoga for parent & child: Friday 28 July, 1.30-2.30pm

Share a mat with your child for some fun hatha yoga with our yoga teacher Shelley Edwards. For children aged 3+ Experience some fun yoga tailor-made for kids, using fun visuals and sounds – and having a giggle too!! There are so many benefits to practising yoga on both a physical and mental level. It enhances core strength, tones muscles, aids weight loss and increases flexibility. It also does wonders for your circulation and nervous system, revitalising and relaxing you. For [...]

Kids’ yoga: 9 August, 2-4.30pm

Let your children experience the magic of yoga at our summer holiday workshop with yoga teacher Hannah Bimpson Over the afternoon they will learn basic yoga postures as well as some breath work and exciting yoga games. Not only will your children have a fun-filled afternoon, they will come away with techniques they can use to aid concentration, remove stress and encourage self-confidence. These are tools that will benefit their school life, and can be taken with them right [...]

Free events and taster sessions through July

Over the next month we've got a series of FREE talks. Come join us – everyone welcome. Thursday 6 July, 7.30-8.30pm     STRESS-BUSTING BREATHING TECHNIQUES Our yoga instructor Hannah Bimpson will show you how to use different breath work to aid digestion, relieve stress and get your brain/body balance in sync. More details click here. Book now Thursday 13 July, 1.30-2.30pm     BABY MASSAGE TASTER Jackie Halford will introduce you to the wonderful art of baby [...]

Staycation or vacation… homeopathy kits for your summer holidays

When the kids were small school holidays were always the time when I brought out my basic homeopathic remedy kit most. If it wasn’t that tiny patch of skin we’d missed with the suntan cream, it was holiday constipation or mosquito bites that swelled up a whole leg. And then there was the summer we all got stung by jellyfish on a late-night dip… SPECIAL OFFER: At The Hub we have some neat little kits for sale that are [...]

Summer survival guide

Our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple offers handy holiday hints, from how to fend off mozzies to guarding against holiday stress and sun damage Taking a B Vitamin Complex that includes Vitamin B1 is great for preventing insect bites. Local bee pollen is effective at warding off nibbly insects, and it will naturally help your histamine levels – stopping you from being sensitive to local pollens. Neem capsules are another insect repellent. But if you do get bitten then feverfew [...]

Gut ready for a foreign trip

Do you find you get stomach upsets when you go on holiday? Well, the reason may well be that the unfamiliar food and drink you’re enjoying is in fact causing an imbalance in your natural gut flora. That’s why we recommend that everyone with a sensitive tum takes OptiBac Probiotics for Travelling Abroad, especially if you’re going on a long-haul trip to a country like India, Egypt, Thailand or Mexico. This supplement contains four robust high-quality strains of live [...]

‘Your flight is now ready for boarding… ‘ Conquering your phobia of flying

Our hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner Juliet Sims explains how she helps people with their fear of flying How many of us are gripped with fear at the thought of getting on a plane? It is estimated that as many as 40% of people feel some level of anxiety about flying and this figure is thought to be steadily increasing – and you try managing that angst when you've got young children brimming with excitement to ferry through the airport! Now that [...]

Staying hydrated in hot weather

Down on the beach all day building sandcastles with the kids it’s all too easy for everyone to get dehydrated. On a normal day the average person loses 3-4 litres (about 10-15 glasses) of fluid in sweat, urine, exhaled air and bowel movements – approximately 1-2 litres goes just on breathing. When it’s hot this obviously rises, in direct proportion to the temperature outside and our level of activity. And what is lost must of course be replaced by [...]

10 tips to buying flip-flops that don’t wreck your feet

We’ve all done it… bought flip-flops that look oh so pretty but in one wearing leave our feet in tatters. All in the name of vanity. Here are Lorna Pullman’s tips* for buying your summer flip-flops to avoid injury, pain and damage to your feet. You should not be able to bend or twist your flip-flops. Look for a contoured footbed rather than flat to create a rocker as you walk. They should only bend slightly at the toe. [...]

Yogic breathing clinically proven to lower stress

A study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine has found that yogic breathing (pranayama) for just 20 minutes is proven to lower stress levels in the body. Researchers examined levels of cytokines in the saliva of 20 participants; cytokines being one of several types of biomolecules that we release when we are het up which act as indicators of both our stress and inflammation levels. Half of the group read for 20 minutes while the other half did specific yoga breathing [...]

10 tips to everyday mindfulness

Choose a colour and decide to notice that colour as you go about your day. Every time you notice it stop and acknowledge it. Sit in your garden, balcony or by the window with a hot drink and observe the sky, clouds, greenery, stars, birds or insects for five minutes. Pause at your computer for 30 seconds before diving into work. Set yourself boundaries not to check work emails or messages after a certain time every day. Practise an [...]

Negative self-talk: five tips on turning that critical inner voice into positivity

The more man meditates upon good thoughts the better will be his world and the world at large – Confucius Confucius quite rightly pointed out that what we think about affects our whole world. Our thoughts are directly affected by our self-talk and we all talk to ourselves, all the time. When the voice inside our head is being kind and constructive we feel good, but what about when it is critical, judgmental and downright nasty? It goes without saying [...]

Introducing The Coconut Experience 100% organic, quality coconut oil

So much has been written lately about the wide-ranging health benefits of coconut oil. So we've sourced a top-quality oil that we reckon is head-and-shoulders better than anything else around – imported from Sri Lanka to Lymington by Harry Woodington. Here Harry describes how a uni trip led to a whole career change… I had just come back from a 10-day holiday in Sri Lanka, visiting a Sri Lankan friend who I met while at university and was working [...]

Why you should practise the shoulder stand, Sarvangasana

I’m sure you can remember doing plenty of shoulder stands as a child with your friends… Such a shame we all lost our inhibitions as teenagers and stopped doing them because actually they’re hugely beneficial for the body in many ways. So much so that it’s something we should be doing on a regular basis. When I first teach this posture to a beginner I can see the look of horror on their face – surely I don’t expect them [...]

Rhi Hepple explains what your food cravings are really telling you… and what to do to stop them

We’ve all been there, when a certain food item, flavour or sensation is all you can think about. But why do we get cravings and are they signs of something else underlying? As a naturopathic nutritionist, I believe we need to tune into and connect to our bodies and listen to all the little messages it gives us. Only we really know how we feel and we often have a deep sense of what feels right and what feels wrong. So [...]

Bach Flower remedies: equilibrium in a bottle

Bach Flower remedies are flower essences made to soothe emotions. Going through a tough patch in life and craving some patience and resilience… All of a work with chuntering thoughts that just won’t unravel or go away… Going at a millions miles an hour and know it’s not good for you, but feel a total wimp if you slow down… Dejected and low about the way you look and no one can convince you otherwise… These are the kind [...]

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