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Art at The Hub: the perfect present

When I launched The Natural Health Hub I wanted to create a centre for complementary health and well-being for women, and crucial to that vision was to make it a tranquil, welcoming, pleasant place to come to. And what better a way to enhance that atmosphere than the art of Graham Bell… These contemporary digital photographs, which are for sale, are everyday local shots you'll have seen so many times – a foal in the forest, a sunset or [...]

Stop yourself going down with flu this winter

Arm yourself for winter: we recommend that every household should stock up with oscillococcinum, the homeopathic flu prevention, this winter   NHS officials are in a tizz apparently that we’re in for a bumper year for flu, with record numbers of people set to go down with the virus this winter. Australia has just battled its worst flu season in almost two decades, with two and a half more cases than last year, and the fear is that we’ll [...]

Yoga nidra: the benefits

As we introduce a new class to The Hub, monthly Yogic Relaxation, our yoga instructor Hannah Bimpson explains the many benefits of yoga nidra, one of the vital elements that she will using. It's bliss on a mat – just lie back and sink into deep, deep relaxation! Yoga nidra – lying on your back through a guided meditation – is a special relaxation technique that has a deep effect on the body, our energies and our mind. Nidra (meaning sleep) [...]

We now have weekly qigong! Come and join us on Thursday mornings

Since we opened people have been clamouring for a weekly qigong (chi kung) class – so here you go, we’ve persuaded acupuncturist and experienced practitioner Tracey Underhill-Law to introduce them on Thursdays, 10.15-11.15pm. Practised throughout China by everyone from monks to the public – Sunday mornings, you’ll see huge gatherings of people in parks – for three purposes, martial, medical or meditative, qigong has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qigong (pronounced 'chee kung') is a lovely holistic combination of co-ordinated [...]

The Hub’s now through to the Venus Awards finals!

We’re thrilled to announce that The Natural Health Hub has reached the finals of the 2017 Venus Awards in Hampshire. Out of 29 entrants for the New Business category, The Hub’s owner Sue Leach has got through to the final three nominations for this prestigious award. Dubbed the ‘Working Women’s Oscars’ by Channel 4, the Venus Awards were established in 2009 to acknowledge and celebrate successful women in business. ‘After three months since our launch it feels like a lovely [...]

Walking with mindfulness

You don’t have to sit or lie down to be mindful. Walking can be a wonderful way to achieve mindfulness. It's a question of focus and allowing yourself just to be as you put one foot in front of the other. Take each step as it comes. Think about how a dog trots along and sniffs as he goes, completely immersed in what he is doing – that's the art of mindfulness. Imagine just how liberating that could be [...]

Kids’ yoga: 26 October, 2-4pm

Let your children experience the magic of kids' yoga at our half term workshop with yoga teacher Hannah Bimpson Over the afternoon they will learn basic yoga postures as well as some breath work and exciting yoga games. Not only will your children have a fun-filled afternoon, they will come away with techniques they can use to aid concentration, remove stress and encourage self-confidence. These are tools that will benefit their school life, and can be taken with them [...]

So how are you sabotaging your immune system?

As the government predicts record levels of flu this winter, it’s going to be crucial that we all keep our immune system on top form. Our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple outlines some of the ways you could be compromising your immunity   It’s that time of year again when our immune systems are working super-hard to keep us healthy and fit. Naturopaths believe that stagnation and chronic inflammation are where illness begins. Inflammation within the body is a natural [...]

Back-to-school blues, anxiety and wobbles

So you’ve done it! The kids are back at school, your toddler’s survived his first foray into nursery, life’s got back to some semblance of normality. But has it? Here's how homeopathy can help if your child – or you – are suffering from school anxiety  If your child’s quiet and sullen and won’t say why…. If each morning is a battle because someone is really not happy at being back at school… If that bullying and sniping has [...]

What does it feel like to have a panic attack?

We share women’s experiences of the terror of having a panic attack, and suggest ways you could prevent and tackle them here on offer at The Hub: from hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling and homeopathy, to life coaching, yoga, meditation and dietary advice. Just as stress comes at us in all sorts of forms and intensities, so panic attacks come in all kinds of different ways. Two common denominators are they hit you totally out of the blue and they’re really [...]

Orthodox vs alternative therapies? Perils of treating symptoms rather than the root cause

A cautionary tale illustrating why to choose alternative therapies and complementary medicine rather than conventional drugs There once was a town called Allopath. It had many people, streets and cars but due to budget limitations there were no stop signs or traffic lights anywhere. Not surprisingly, traffic accidents were common. Cars would crash into each other at nearly every junction. But business was booming for the car repair shops and local hospitals, which dominated the economy of Allopath. As [...]

5 ways to boost your immunity

So, sad to say, the nights are drawing in. At this time of year, as the autumn mists begin to swirl of a morning, we have a single mantra: immunity, immunity, immunity. However healthy you are and however saintly your lifestyle and diet, you will be exposed to more bacteria and viruses over the coming months, so boosting your immunity is all-important. It's well proven that as the weather turns at the change of seasons we're all more prone [...]

Give yourself an autumn boost by rebalancing your gut flora, or microbiome

We strongly urge you to get your gut sorted NOW! Rebalancing your micro biome (or gut flora) is, as Dr Michael Mosely has reported widely in the press and media, the secret to good health – not only physically but also mentally emotionally. If you follow our 21-day microbiome Purify programme you are setting yourself up to face the winter colds, bugs and flus… plus, we reckon, to feel brighter, friskier and more positive for the sunshine-less months ahead. [...]

10 a day in one slug: Mistify antioxidant fruit drink

Drink your way to good health with a fruit supplement that's not only the best antioxidant we've found, it tastes fabulous too!  With the latest research indicating that the five-a-day mantra is nowhere near enough for optimum health, how on earth do you get the 10+ portions of fruit/veg now recommended down the necks of kids who strop about just one floret of broccoli? And for that matter, how is it possible to pack so many antioxidants into your [...]

Kids taking probiotics have fewer infections and less time off school

So they're off back to school… and now comes the season of snot, sniffles and wheezing. How to stop the snots? Research shows children who take probiotics through winter have 25% less chance of getting some infections and miss 40% less school We strongly recommend you give your children probiotics at this time of year so they’ll fight off all the bugs doing the rounds as the school term progresses. This is especially appropriate for kids prone to ear nose and [...]

Do yoga for PMS, period pains and hormonal mood swings

The latest research proves what so many of us have known for eons: we should all do yoga for PMS, period pains and hormonal mood swings. Scientists at King's College London have reviewed every yoga study on the subject over the past 20 years and come to the conclusion that: Yoga improves irregular and painful periods for women aged 13-45 It reduces back ache, cramps, anxiety, stress and anger Concentration is improved Hormonal levels are affected by the yoga [...]

Gillian talks about her lovely art for sale at The Hub

For Hampshire Open Studios artist Gillian Goodrdge shares a few words about her beautiful art for sale at The Hub – feel free to peruse… 'My current work is inspired by the sky and the relationship between the sky and what lies beneath it and by the marks and tokens of the everyday. I'm interested in the joining or touching line between the sky and land or sea and in horizons. I find great beauty in the everyday and [...]

Preferential childcare rates for ‘you time’ at The Hub

We've teamed up with Freedom Childcare to offer you reduced rates for babysitting, childcare and nanny services – so you can take valuable time for yourself at The Hub… Fancy coming to a regular class at The Natural Health Hub but not got any childcare? Like to treat yourself to massage but you’ve got no one to look after the kids? Committed to something at The Hub, then partner late home so you have to cancel? Heard about an [...]

Experience the deeply relaxing, healing and de-stressing benefits of Thai yoga massage

Shelley Edwards is now offering the wonderful experience of the ancient healing art of Thai yoga massage Thai yoga massage therapy is a lovely holistic process combining acupressure massage, gentle stretching and applied yoga. Not only is it hugely beneficial for both giver and receiver, as it releases energy blockages and deep healing occurs while you’re in a state of relaxed meditation… it's blissfully relaxing and de-stressing. You are dressed in loose clothing and the massage does not involve oil or cream [...]

Get breathing properly through yoga

Our yoga instructor Shelley Edwards explains how to get breathing properly through yoga. Our breathing is a vital tool we can all use for reducing stress, improving health and operating at our best   Are you breathing properly? Noticing and understanding how we are breathing is a huge step to living a more balanced and calmer life. Breathing is the clearest signal of your body’s state at any time. Large sets of muscles are involved in taking air in and [...]

Our Vision

The Natural Health Hub is exactly what the name suggests: a hub where practitioners gather together and collaborate with the common goal of promoting and providing natural health for women, children and babies. My aim is to establish a centre of excellence in complementary therapies, a place to come for holistic healing and advice, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. [continued…]