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Welcome to The Natural Health Hub…

A hidden sanctuary in the heart of the New Forest, we are dedicated to your health and happiness. Through our team of experienced and dedicated holistic complementary therapists, we are here to nuture your body, mind and soul, and give you the strength and vitality to live your life to the full.

Whether you choose an appointment, class or one of our regular monthly workshops, together we will walk you along your path to health, well-being and fulfilment. Call us on 01590 670955 or pop in any time for a free advice and to browse our handpicked natural products.

Mind/body therapies

Meet the team

A little about us

I established The Natural Health Hub in May 2017 because I wanted to create a centre of calm and well-being in the New Forest. By bringing together an extensive selection of complementary treatments and dedicated professional therapists we are able to work as a team committed to the health and happiness of everyone who comes to us. We only have one life, and our aim is to ensure we all live it as passionately, creatively and fully as we can by looking after
our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being…

Sue Leach, founder

Start your journey to health

Our Health jottings are a way of bringing together our team’s years of study and experience and sharing them with you.
Ranging from natural remedies for fighting the common cold to easy tips for staying calm and even our favourite lotions and potions – you will, we hope, find the answers and inspiration you need in our Health jottings.

Teenagers in a classroom revising for an exam

Homeopathy for exam nerves

As the exam season draws nearer there are so many households up and down the country going through the mill as teenagers grow grumpy, sullen, weepy, silent, intense, panicky… As the parent of two, one academic who worked all hours and still felt it wasn’t enough, the other who really wasn’t completely onboard, I know…

Relaxed happy woman on swing swinging with gay abandon

Mindful steps to making yourself happier

Helping people live a happier, more fulfilled life is at the core of what we’re all about here at The Natural Health Hub. Achieving happiness is a matter of looking after yourself emotionally, physically and, we reckon, spiritually. Here are suggestions from Sue Leach, owner of The Hub, on steps you can take to think…

Happy woman breathing in fresh air on a beach

Physical steps to making yourself happier

Your happiness is in your hands – that’s what we firmly believe at The Natural Health Hub. But it takes work to stay happy… here are suggestions from Sue Leach, owner of The Hub, on steps you can take physically to bring more happiness into your life Feeling low at the moment? Life throwing all…

Woman on a beach in a happy mindful bubble

Spiritual steps to making yourself happier

Happiness is not only a matter of looking after yourself emotionally and physically. Research shows that true happiness lies also in a further dimension: nurturing yourself spiritually. For us spiritual is nothing to do with religion, or connecting with ‘spirits’… in our book it is about reaching deeper than the day-to-day, having elements in your life…

Healthy bacteria, known as probiotics, within the gut

Probiotic myths: the best probiotics are kept in the fridge

The belief that the best probiotics are those that need to be refrigerated is now old hat. There are few reasons why refrigeration is necessary for a probiotic nowadays because freeze drying techniques have been improved, plus new more robust strains of probiotic have been discovered through the intensive R&D that has gone into the…

Resetting your micro biome helps you feel happier

Reset your microbiome for spring

Rebalancing your microbiome (or gut flora) is, as TV doctor Dr Michael Mosely has widely reported in the press and media, the secret to good health – not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Spring is the best time of year to give a gift to your microbiome:  our 21-day Purify programme is a belt-and-braces…

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