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Overloaded with stress?

If you feel overloaded with stress, then you are not alone. Research commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation shows that two-thirds of people in this country experience a mental health problem in our lifetimes, and stress is a key factor in this. In the 2018 YouGov poll of 4,169 UK adults 74% of people said (…)


Too busy to be mindful? Here’s how to slow it all down!

If you’re one of the many people who found it impossible to switch off and relax over the Bank Holiday weekend, then you’re badly in need of mindfulness… No, it’s not about going into deep meditation, or sitting cross-legged and chanting ‘om’, or setting aside an hour every day to contemplate – mindfulness is a (…)


Learn mindfulness, the art of being more purposeful, confident and content

The definition of mindfulness, according to world expert Jon Kabat-Zinn, is ‘paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, without judgement’. But how often do any of us actually manage to freeze-frame time, as this mantra suggests? To pay attention to bird song, enjoy the sun on your face, listen to a (…)

magnetic jewellery

Say goodbye to pain and illness by wearing magnetic jewellery

Wear magnetic jewellery and you could be saying goodbye to illness. Clinical trials show magnets can help with pain, arthritis, headaches and migraines, period pains, fatigue, inflammation (that’s anything with an -itis on the end), blood circulation, sciatica, bruises, digestive problems… even depression. And we believe this is just the tip of the iceberg of magnets’ potential for healing. If (…)

homeopathic remedies for hay fever

Top homeopathic remedies for hay fever

There are scores of homeopathic remedies for hay fever. Whether your eyes become sore, streaming puffy messes at the faintest hint of pollen, or your nose runs like a tap, or you could itch for England, you can significantly relieve your symptoms with well-chosen remedies. The secret is to find the one that fits for (…)

how homeopathy works

Videos explain what homeopathy is and how it works

15% of our population use homeopathy and a further 80% have heard about it. However, many people are not quite sure what makes homeopathy different from other systems of medicine. What exactly is homeopathic treatment? How does homeopathy work? And what can it help with? If you want a simple explanation of what homeopathy is all about, then click (…)

Homeopathy and the queen

What do the Queen and David Beckham have in common?

Q: What do David Beckham and the Queen have in common? A: Homeopathy The Royal Family have used and endorsed homeopathy for three generations. The Queen is said never to travel without her homeopathic first aid kit, and we homeopaths like to think the longevity of her family – the Queen mum lived to 102, (…)

Homeopathy awareness week

Homeopathy Awareness Week: 10-16 April

It’s Homeopathy Awareness Week this week… please help us spread the word! Did you know that across the world homeopathy is the second most used line of treatment for medical ailments, used by over 200 million folk every year? In the UK 12% of the population (that’s nearly 8 million people) already know that homeopathy (…)


Nourishing your vitality for spring

With spring edging its way in, it’s time to plant the seeds ready to bloom this summer with a cleansing detox. Our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple shares her tips to restore your natural vitality After what feels like the longest and coldest winter we’ve had for a while we are definitely ready to embrace spring, (…)

self-defence for women

Self-defence for women course starting 19 April

There were just over a million violent attacks on strangers in the UK last year – a frightening 120 every hour. Around 21% of these took place in pubs and a further 34% in town centres, fuelled by alcohol. That’s why we’d say it’s prudent for every woman who ventures out on a Saturday night (…)

Healing power of magnets

The healing power of magnets

Magnetic forces play a vital role in our everyday lives, from the earth’s magnetic North and South Poles to MRI scanners to magnets used in our computers to store data on hard drives. We all know that if you put your mobile phone close enough to your credit card the magnetic field emitted by the (…)

hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking: it’s more effective than nicotine patches

Today is National No Smoking Day and, if like 70 per cent of smokers you would like to kick your addiction, then today’s the day to take action. A stunning 86 per cent of smokers have tried to break the habit but failed, yet evidence shows that people having hypnotherapy to quit smoking not only (…)

Valentine's presents

Our gorgeous selection of Mother’s Day gifts

Mothers always need spoiling and we’ve got a wide range of really attractive gifts in stock at The Hub that mums will love on Mother’s Day. All specially chosen because they’re not only free from harmful chemicals and toxins, they’re also yummy, fragrant and a real treat. For your Mother’s Day presents choose from deluxe (…)

Our Mother’s Day gift voucher

At a loss for Mother’s Day ideas? Bored of flowers and chocolates for her Mother’s Day pressie? Bet she is too! Then why not show your appreciation of your long-suffering, greatly loved mother with a Mother’s Day gift voucher from The Natural Health Hub – something she’ll remember and cherish far more, we’re sure, than (…)

acupuncture for pain relief

Balance Method acupuncture, an effective treatment for pain… and more

The beauty of Balance Method acupuncture is it can provide instant pain relief. Unlike other forms of acupuncture, which focus on the point of the body suffering the pain, Balance Method acupuncture treats meridian lines, or energy channels coursing through your arms and legs. An added bonus is that means you can be treated fully clothed. Richard (…)

eat your greens

Eat your greens – with a drizzle of oil

Everyone knows you need to eat your greens to stay fit and healthy and fend off illness – but the latest findings suggest that we only gain the full health benefits from green vegetables if we sprinkle them with oil. Apparently oils, such as extra virgin olive oil and soybean oil, help our body absorb (…)

ways to prevent and tackle panic attacks

Am I having a panic attack?

What does it feel like to have a panic attack? We share women’s experiences of the terror of having a panic attack, and suggest ways to prevent and tackle panic attacks here on offer at The Hub: from hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling and homeopathy, to empowerment coaching, yoga, mindfulness and dietary advice. Just as stress comes at (…)


10 reasons to choose homeopathy

Homeopathy is the second most used system of medicine worldwide. It is safe, gentle, non-toxic and non-addictive. As well as being holistic, it can be used from cradle to grave, for physical, mental and emotional issues – if your homeopath’s doing a good job you’ll not only resolve the issue you are going to see (…)

Sensitive people

Change your whole outlook on life for the positive

We share some of the feedback Lis Horwich has received for her Life Retuning treatment. Not only can it reduce stress and anxiety, it can lift depression, neutralise old hurts and long-held emotions, and change your whole outlook on life for the positive   Stress and anxiety diminished ‘While suffering from a recurrent episode of (…)

Ultra-processed food linked to cancer

The headlines this week have confirmed something close to our hearts at The Hub: the link between ultra-processed food and cancer. We’ve been banging on about this for some time… now at last we’ve got documented facts and figures – and, boy, are they compelling. A new study reveals that upping the amount of convenience (…)

The Natural Health Hub is proud to be joining the fundraising efforts of Friends of Ray of Hope, a small charity that helps slum families in Uganda. Every penny donated goes to their project for the benefit of the children and their families, enabling many youngsters and women to escape the poverty and disease of the slum community. [Read More...]

Our Vision

The Natural Health Hub is exactly what the name suggests: a hub where practitioners gather together and collaborate with the common goal of promoting and providing natural health for women, children and babies. My aim is to establish a centre of excellence in complementary therapies, a place to come for holistic healing and advice, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.