Woman doing yoga on the beach with the word namaste written in the sand at her feet

Start the day the yoga way

Pleased to tell you that come September we will have yoga for you first thing at The Hub five days a week! We’ve got three new yoga instructors joining our successful team, so there’s some serious yogic peace at your disposal to set you up for the day ahead. From fitness yoga for those who want…

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lotus flower and its connection the mantra om

The meaning of ‘OM’

How often have you chanted ‘om’ at the end of a yoga class without realising what it means? Clare Collins, one of our yoga instructors, has introduced us to a great book about yoga that we just have to share with you! Each week through summer she has been reading us extracts from Myths of the…

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Beginners' yoga class

Yoga could ease pressure on the NHS

Yoga is at last being recognised by the NHS. We at The Hub know of course about yoga’s profound health and well-being benefits – and have been banging on about them since we launched! Here’s what we’ve said in the past: that it is so beneficial that yoga should be on the NHS, and would…

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Do yoga for PMS, period pains and hormonal mood swings

The latest research proves what so many of us have known for eons: we should all do yoga for PMS, period pains and hormonal mood swings. Scientists at King’s College London have reviewed every yoga study on the subject over the past 20 years and come to the conclusion that: Yoga improves irregular and painful…

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Get breathing properly through yoga

Our yoga instructor Shelley Edwards explains how to get breathing properly through yoga. Our breathing is a vital tool we can all use for reducing stress, improving health and operating at our best   Are you breathing properly? Noticing and understanding how we are breathing is a huge step to living a more balanced and calmer…

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Why to yoga at The Hub

So many people take a deep breath and visibly relax as they step through the door of our yoga studio upstairs. ‘Wow’ is often the first response – yes, it’s a very restful room. It’s airy, it’s tranquil, it’s quiet, tucked away behind Lymington’s High Street. Forget cavernous sports centre rooms and draughty village halls,…

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Yogic breathing clinically proven to lower stress

A study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine has found that yogic breathing (pranayama) for just 20 minutes is proven to lower stress levels in the body. Researchers examined levels of cytokines in the saliva of 20 participants; cytokines being one of several types of biomolecules that we release when we are het up which act…

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Why you should practise the shoulder stand, Sarvangasana

I’m sure you can remember doing plenty of shoulder stands as a child with your friends… Such a shame we all lost our inhibitions as teenagers and stopped doing them because actually they’re hugely beneficial for the body in many ways. So much so that it’s something we should be doing on a regular basis.…

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Stretch goodbye to pain with yoga

When you see a pose like the one in the picture, you’d be forgiven for thinking you have to be in the peak of fitness and super-flexible to practise yoga. Quite the opposite… A study published in January reveals that yoga is better than any other form of exercise for back pain. Researchers analysed the…

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