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How to boost immunity to fend off flu

With record numbers of people going down with flu this winter and other whopper bugs that seem to drag on for weeks, it’s all the more important for us all to arm ourselves against these lurgies. Here’s how to boost immunity to fend off flu and other infections and viruses. We offer a full selection…

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Soothe winter ears and sinuses

At this time of year many of us get bunged up in the ear and sinus department, with ear problems particularly rife among children. Ear candling is a lovely relaxing decongestant – perfect not only for declogging ears but also a great way to relieve stress. The ear candles are hollow tubes made of cotton,…

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Superfoods for reluctant five-a-dayers

If you think you’re uber-virtuous eating your five-a-day, then think again! Although the UK government recommends a daily intake of five portions of fruit and veg, experts say this is nowhere near enough – we ought to be aiming for nine or 10 to maintain good health. So if getting the kids to eat their…

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