With record numbers of people going down with flu this winter and other whopper bugs that seem to drag on for weeks, it’s all the more important for us all to arm ourselves against these lurgies. Here’s how to boost immunity to fend off flu and other infections and viruses. We offer a full selection of products to help give your immune system a kick – you really could sail through till spring unscathed, or at worst you certainly won’t suffer for weeks on end… Most of these products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and children of all ages.

Immune Boost Mix

    • A mix of the herbs echinacea, astragalus and sambucus
    • Helps prevent you getting bugs/viruses, and speeds your recovery if you get them
    • £7.50 for 50ml


    • For those who don’t eat their greens, or live at at such a lick that they don’t fit in their five-a-day, this is an excellent way to get that fruit down ’em!
    • Lovely-tasting super-juice that delivers 10 of your five-a-day servings of fruit in just one small daily serving.
    • £34

    Sea Buckthorn Elixir

    • Organic natural immune booster
    • High in Vitamin C and other antioxidants (incl Vitamin E & provitamin A) that fight free-radical
    • £10.50


    • Homeopathic remedy that nips flu in the bud: so it doesn’t develop
    • Take at first signs of flu and it halts symptoms
    • Top-selling winter drug in France, well proven in clinical trials
    • £7.50

    Blackthorn Elixir

    • Boosts immunity and fortifying in times of stress, when under extra pressure (eg exams) or growth spurts
    • Made from sloe berries
    • £10.50

    Birch Juice

    • All-natural cleansing and detoxifying juice
    • High in flavonoids to encourage the body to flush out toxins while it boosts immunity
    • Aids digestions, brings extra vitality and leaves skin clear, bright and healthy
    • £10.50

    Olive leaf extract

    • Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal
    • Potent immune punch five times more powerful than Vitamin C
    • Children’s £10, adult £20


    • Top-quality antioxidant to maintain immunity and protect cells from oxidative stress
    • Green tea extract
    • Antioxidant vitamins & minerals
    • £23.59


    • Vegetarian/vegan omega 3 made from algae & sea plants
    • Much higher strength than most fish oils
    • Boosts immunity and lowers inflammation while also acting as an all-round health boost, particularly for a healthy heart, better cognitive function and joint mobility/flexibility
    • £16.95

    Antarctic Krill Oil

    • Claimed to be up to 22 times more efficient than traditional fish oils
    • Fish gelatin capsules
    • All-round health boost, particularly for a healthy heart, better cognitive function and joint mobility/flexibility
    • £27.15

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