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Naturopathic nutrition

Finding the root cause of your health issues

A hair analysis test is like taking your car for an MOT. You’re given a full report on how everything is functioning, what’s not working properly and what’s needed for it to be fixed. You give your car a regular MOT to make sure its engine is working well, so why not give yourself a…

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Nurturing the Fire Element

Nurture body and mind through summer

Have you recently started struggling with palpitations, dizziness or lightheadedness, rosacea, hot flushes, panic attacks, a heavy sensation on the chest area or restlessness, insomnia or feelings of being burnt out? If so, it’s highly likely your body’s suffering from a seasonal imbalance – and you need to nurture your Fire Element. Here’s our naturopathic…

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How to nurture your Wood Element, the Traditional Chinese Element that is strongest in spring

Naturopathic support for spring

Have you recently started struggling with migraines, sinus issues, eye pain, liver problems, painful or heavy periods, skin rashes or acne, muscle cramps or pains in your joints? Odds are you’re suffering from a seasonal imbalance – here’s our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple’s advice on the support your body needs at this time of year…

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Rhi Hepple - Mind body therapies - Nutrition

Naturopathic nutrition turned my life around

Rhi Hepple describes how she went from being so ill with an autoimmune disorder that a specialist said nothing further could be done and she just had to learn to live with her symptoms, to living a full, symptom-free, happy life of fulfilment and positivity. She tells how naturopathic nutrition turned her health and whole…

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Squash soup with spices to boost energy in winter

How to boost your energy naturally through winter

Feeling weary, sluggish and low? Does this time of year make you want to duvet dive and make it all go away? Rhi Hepple offers a naturopathic guide on how to stay positive and boost your energy through this cold weather Energetically winter is slow and heavy – but in fact there is a whole…

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