Probiotics for children

Boost children’s immunity for start of term

Here comes the start of a new school year – and home come all those sniffles and snot! To ensure your children have the right kickstart back to school, free from illness, dose them up on OptiBac’s high quality, well-researched probiotics For Babies and Children. They are clinically proven to boost children’s immunity to the…

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Probiotic strains in gut

Choosing the right probiotic strains

One acidophilus is not equal to another acidophilus. Increasing evidence proves that choosing the right probiotic is all about finding the right STRAIN of friendly bacteria rather than a generic type of probiotic. Here’s the lowdown on how to choose the right probiotic strains. The only probiotics worth taking are those that contain live bacteria. The range…

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Kid with suitcase at airport

Probiotic for travelling abroad

Off on holiday somewhere you think you might have a spot of bother with your stomach? We advise that you go armed with our probiotic for travelling abroad. When eating and drinking differently in unfamiliar environments it’s all too common to experience stomach upsets, often caused by an upset of the body’s natural gut flora.…

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Proof our probiotics work

The Hub’s selection of products containing ‘friendly’ bacteria have been carefully selected to ensure that they really do deliver the health benefits they claim – they’re all produced by reputable companies with well-researched clinical proof that the probiotics work There’s been quite a bit of bad press recently trying to disprove that probiotics work: claims…

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The difference between probiotics and prebiotics

There’s been so much in the press recently about prebiotics, with claims that they’re a dietary wunderkind linked to anti-ageing, weight loss and lots more. Prebiotics are the food source for our probiotics, the healthy bacteria in our gut. They cannot be broken down or absorbed by the body but – in an ideal healthy…

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Why probiotics make gut sense to boost your immunity

Boosting your levels of healthy bacteria with a probiotic not only makes gut sense, replenishing the natural ‘good bacteria’ in your intestines to aid digestion and bowel function. A lesser known fact is that it can also help guard against colds and flu. That’s why we’d recommend you get yourself and all the family on…

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Our probiotics: tailormade for your every need

The Natural Health Hub specialises in probiotics, with products specifically formulated for different health requirements. So whether you’re after a short, sharp boost of friendly bacteria  or something to lick a longterm issue such as candida, or a formula that gives you a steady source of live cultures to balance your health, we have something tailormade for you.…

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