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Probiotics for women's vaginal health

Getting intimate: probiotics for lady bits

Most women suffer with thrush, cystitis and/or bacterial vaginosis (BV) at some point in their lifetime. But a simple food supplement can be the key to protecting you down there and ensuring your intimate health. Rather than reach for the Canesten to treat your symptoms, address the underlying causes of your vaginal issue with probiotics…

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Choosing the right probiotics for your symptoms is crucial. Not all probiotics are the same

Probiotic myths: all probiotics do the same

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re passionate about probiotics at The Hub! The health of the bacteria that lives in our guts (our micro biome) is crucial to our overall health. If that’s out of balance or depleted – and for the vast majority of the population that is the case – then you’ll be…

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Probiotics Do Not Need Enteric Coating

Probiotics myths: probiotics need a coating to reach the gut

There is a lot of mythology bandied around about probiotics – and one of the biggest misconceptions is that many are destroyed by the acid in our stomachs so they don’t reach the intestines to do their work. The assumption is that a good-quality probiotic needs a special coating to ensure its transition to the…

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It is advisable to take probiotics at the same time as antibiotics

Probiotics myths: Don’t take probiotics while on antibiotics

For a long time it was considered a waste of money to take probiotics while on antibiotics. Now that’s no longer the case: taking a good-quality probiotic alongside antibiotics can help reduce the risk of antibiotic side-effects Probiotics are bacteria (apart from S. boulardii), which means they’re susceptible to being killed by antibiotics. So it…

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Bio yogurt containing probiotics

Probiotic myths: you can get all the probiotics you need from your diet

Forget the advertising hype: probiotic yogurts and fermented food just aren’t the same as taking a probiotic supplement. And eating well is not alone guaranteed to deliver the same health benefits to your gut bacteria as a good probiotic supplement Your diet is the first place to start for many aspects of your health. To…

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Healthy bacteria, known as probiotics, within the gut

Probiotic myths: the best probiotics are kept in the fridge

The belief that the best probiotics are those that need to be refrigerated is now old hat. There are few reasons why refrigeration is necessary for a probiotic nowadays because freeze drying techniques have been improved, plus new more robust strains of probiotic have been discovered through the intensive R&D that has gone into the…

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Probiotic capsules and bottle

Probiotic myths: the more billions of bacteria the better

In today’s society we are bombarded by the marketing message that more is better – not least the message that the more billions of bacteria in a probiotic the more powerful it will be. But when it comes to probiotics this is definitely not necessarily so. In fact, the quality of the probiotic strain or…

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Probiotics for children

Boost children’s immunity for start of term

Here comes the start of a new school year – and home come all those sniffles and snot! To ensure your children have the right kickstart back to school, free from illness, dose them up on OptiBac’s high-quality, well-researched probiotics For Babies and Children. They are clinically proven to boost children’s immunity to the extent…

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Probiotic strains in gut

Choosing the right probiotic strains

One acidophilus is not equal to another acidophilus. Increasing evidence proves that choosing the right probiotic is all about finding the right STRAIN of friendly bacteria rather than a generic type of probiotic. Here’s the lowdown on how to choose the right probiotic strains. The only probiotics worth taking are those that contain live bacteria. The range…

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Kid with suitcase at airport

Probiotic for travelling abroad

Off on holiday somewhere you think you might have a spot of bother with your stomach? We advise that you go armed with our probiotic for travelling abroad. When eating and drinking differently in unfamiliar environments it’s all too common to experience stomach upsets, often caused by an upset of the body’s natural gut flora.…

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