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Showing gratitude for nature, someone holding a flower

An attitude of gratitude

‘Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot’ There’s so much wisdom in this simple African proverb. In the hurly-burly of life how easy it is to dwell on the negatives, or get wrapped up in the difficulties, and not give thanks for what you have. How often do you press the…

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Woman showing a positive frame of mind

Think positive and you’ll get healthier

A positive state of mind is one of the first rules of good health. Our polarity therapist Jane Seaman explains how to break the cycle of negative thoughts to live a healthier life The science of polarity therapy is founded on spiritual principles that exist throughout our lives, principles that operate no matter how unaware of…

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Counting sheep

Mindfulness meditation for sleep

So you’re having difficulty sleeping? Trouble is, if that goes on night after night, then bedtime becomes a ‘try harder’ trial: you lie there awake and when sleep doesn’t happen you get in a tiz. Forget counting sheep. Your head gets cluttered with those gibbering thoughts… It’s happening again; if I don’t fall asleep soon…

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Accepting bad thoughts

Time to accept bad thoughts!

It’s human to feel rubbish some days, maybe even weeks. While it may seem as if you have no choice but to power through those bad times, taking time out to contemplate about your anxieties, self-doubt or feelings of uncertainty can make all the difference – accept what’s causing your distress and you’re on your…

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Bring gratitude into your life

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude reaps multiple benefits in keeping us happier, healthier and calmer. A key tenet in mindfulness, it is a powerful force that not only brings a smile to the face, but also links to you to a higher power that you can trust in that all will be well in life.…

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Mindfulness class. Saturday 16 February

Our monthly mindfulness class with Annie Davison. Everyone is welcome, whether you have experience of mindfulness or not. If you have already done an 8-week mindfulness course and would like a regular top-up to your practice or find it difficult to put the mindfulness training into day-to-day practice, then this is the class for you.…

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Walking with mindfulness

You don’t have to sit or lie down to be mindful. Walking can be a wonderful way to achieve mindfulness. It’s a question of focus and allowing yourself just to be as you put one foot in front of the other. Take each step as it comes. Think about how a dog trots along and…

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10 tips to everyday mindfulness

Choose a colour and decide to notice that colour as you go about your day. Every time you notice it stop and acknowledge it. Sit in your garden, balcony or by the window with a hot drink and observe the sky, clouds, greenery, stars, birds or insects for five minutes. Pause at your computer for…

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Matcha your mindfulness… the body and mind benefits of matcha tea

Just before Christmas my daughter converted me to matcha tea. And now it’s become a ritual part of my day – every day. This health powerhouse of a green tea, which was once the centre of tea ceremonies in Japan and drunk by monks before meditation, means literally ‘powdered tea’. Because matcha is made from…

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Live for today: 7 simple steps

In the hurly-burly of day-to-day life it’s all too easy to project or to dwell. Or to get so wrapped up in the doing that you forget the being. Here are seven simple mindfulness steps to living for today…   Give every task you do your full attention (even simple things like soap bubbles and…

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