You don’t have to sit or lie down to be mindful. Walking can be a wonderful way to achieve mindfulness. It’s a question of focus and allowing yourself just to be as you put one foot in front of the other.

  • Take each step as it comes. Think about how a dog trots along and sniffs as he goes, completely immersed in what he is doing – that’s the art of mindfulness. Imagine just how liberating that could be to be totally present in the moment in the act of walking.
  • Focus on your body, making yourself aware of how it is working as you walk. How it feels as your foot touches the ground, the intricacy of the movement from heel to toe. How each step affects your toes, ankles, calves, hips, torso, whole body.
  • Start slowly so it’s easier to gain this focus on each part of your step.
  • Your mind may start wandering onto your to do list, or current emotions you’re grappling with, or problems at work. You may become distracted by passersby. Simply breathe deep, bring back your focus and live in the moment, relishing each step and reminding yourself that you are here, now, living from step to step.
  • Glory in that walking. Walk tall, walk with a smile, walk confidently.
  • Notice your surroundings. Things you can see, the air you are breathing, scents you can smell, noises both near and far.
  • Be present.

Mindfulness teacher Annie Davison will be holding mindfulness classes at The Hub shortly. If you are interested do give us a call