Woman showing a positive frame of mind

A positive state of mind is one of the first rules of good health. Our polarity therapist Jane Seaman explains how to break the cycle of negative thoughts to live a healthier life

The science of polarity therapy is founded on spiritual principles that exist throughout our lives, principles that operate no matter how unaware of them we may be. One of these is that each thought we have creates an energy of its own. If you continually focus on this thought it will manifest into a reality of some kind in your internal or external life.

In polarity therapy we are not only concerned with releasing stress and pain from the body but getting a client to recognise their own thought patterns as these may well be the cause of the problem in the first place, or at least a contributory factor. A positive state of mind is one of the first rules of good health. When you are genuinely joyful you are less likely to be susceptible to disease. Happiness attracts a greater supply of positive energy into every cell of the body.

Negative thoughts and attitudes, on the other hand, impede the flow of life energy. They affect our anxiety levels, which has a detrimental effect on our digestion, which in turn results in the cells of our body not being nourished and wastes not being properly eliminated. The result is dis-ease, which usually strikes that part of the body that happens to be the most susceptible due to inherited weaknesses, poor diet, lack of exercise, fresh air and so on.


Break out of the negative thought cycle

Become aware of how you are thinking…

What thoughts constantly run riot in your mind. How do these thoughts make you feel inside?

Avoid suggesting to your mind thoughts of sickness, lack, old age, death; thoughts of worry, fear anger or jealousy. For these thoughts create negative vibrations in your life and will attract ‘that which you put out’.

Choose health rather than sickness. Thoughts of vitality, joy, love, peace and happiness will activate the same positive state of mind and body. 


Here’s how…

  • Avoid negative thoughts, actions and words – particularly such words as hate. These sentiments will only serve to perpetuate that negative experience. Like attracts like, so loving thoughts and actions will attract love.
  • Affirmations are a positive statement and an easy way to start changing your mindset.
Choose an affirmation that suits your needs. For example, ‘I enjoy vibrant health’ or ‘I am inwardly happy and calm regardless of external circumstances’. To make a positive affirmation, start with ‘I’ and put your thought in the present tense – no ‘I would like to’ or ‘I wish’ or ‘I want’ or ‘I’m going to’. Think purposeful, bold and vibrant for your affirmation, and that is what will come back to you in life.
  • Select a quiet zone in your environment, where you can free your mind from worry and restlessness and focus on positive dreams and aspirations.
  • Any time you catch yourself thinking negatively, change it to a positive affirmation.
  • When communicating some correction (rather than criticism) to someone, do it with understanding and acceptance. If your correction alienates someone, it was probably not done with love.
  • Find the good and praise it. We experience a great deal of criticism and blame in life and the result is that we learn to be angry, defensive, unhappy and often are lacking in self esteem. We need to acknowledge and appreciate, so if you find yourself judging someone look for something positive about that person.
  • Learn to accept correction with the right attitude.
  • If people come to you feeling depressed find a way to uplift their spirits, so they leave feeling happier about themselves and life.
  • Strive to change yourself.
  • Learn to meditate.  Meditation leads to peace – which opens the heart to the inflow and outflow of love.

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