Jane Seaman meditation


Practitioner: Jane Seaman

Cost: book a course of 8 for £10 per class (£80) or £12 on the night

Weekly, Fridays 6.30-7.30 pm, with a maximum of eight people  


The intention of this meditation is:

  • Connecting to source within and without
  • Developing connection to your higher self so you can truly connect to your own intuition
  • Developing your spiritual connection
  • Connecting to your inner self
  • Giving you skills to create balance and health in your life

Regular meditation practice will:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Lighten the heart from depression
  • Enhance stillness of the mind
  • Deepen awareness of self and others
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Lead to clarity of mind
  • Help with recovery from trauma
  • Relax you, in body and mind
  • Imbue a deeper sense of peace and calm
  • Support you during periods of overwhelm and stressful times in life
  • Plug you back into your source to recharge your life
  • … and empower you!

The format of the class is a short introduction, followed by relaxation and connecting in with a visualisation. Then comes the meditation, which will be different each week and have a specific focus. After coming back to awareness there will be an opportunity to share your experience (if desired), with guidance and support from the meditation facilitator Jane Seaman.


About Jane Seaman (PTP, PTT, MNH, ITEC)  

I have been a student of Huna philosophy for the past 18 years and finished my apprenticeship in 2013, although one never stops learning and developing and constantly evolving. The word Huna is from the Polynesian languages and in part means 'that which is hidden' and refers specifically to knowledge of the spiritual nature of man and his place within the universe. It also means meditation.  In addition, as a polarity therapy professional, Master NLP and hypnotherapist and polarity massage therapist I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into the meditation class.

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