Jane Seaman - polarity therapies

Jane Seaman

Polarity therapy; Meditation

Polarity therapy was the key to unlocking my own potential for living a happy and healthy life. It is an alternative treatment method that really resonated with me to release pain in my body and resolve mental and emotional issues that I was experiencing many years ago. It led me to believe, through the experience, that you can really shift your perspective, your health and your life if you want to. Polarity therapy has so much to offer – it literally covers the whole spectrum of healing.

I came to polarity therapy due to my challenges growing up with a mother who suffered from bi-polar, although in those days it was called manic depression. I struggled through life being buffeted by those around, being afraid of everything, not really knowing myself at all and suffering all kinds of physical pains. In addition, I went through some pretty major life-changing traumas. I wrote and published a book about this stage of my life, Voyage through the Mist, and I am in the process of writing a follow-up.

During the years of healing my own health problems through polarity therapy I discovered that true health comes from more than just healing your body and mind. Through various synchronicities I ended going to Hawaii on a retreat 17 years ago and discovered that I have a deep connection to these beautiful islands that are actually in the middle of nowhere! The Hawaiian Islands hold a potent energy called mana.

Through my various trips to Hawaii throughout the years I learned how to harness this mana, as well as learning the spiritual system that has enhanced my knowledge and skill. I love that I am able to combine Hawaiian energy magic through the system of polarity therapy, which helped me so much, and I now share this combination with others through individual treatment sessions or educational programmes.

I combine body treatments to address back, neck or shoulder pain (in fact any kind of physical pain) with talking therapy so you can gain clarity about your life, your situation and your sense of self, and help you get clear on your relationships. The body treatments and talking therapy work together to balance and clear disturbances in your energy that are creating the problem and are an essential part of the sessions that we would do together.