Polarity therapy

Polarity therapy

Practitioner: Jane Seaman

Cost: £45 for 60 minutes

Polarity therapy is an alternative treatment developed by Dr Randolph Stone. Polarity simply means helping you to be at the peak of your energy, the peak of your mental clarity and peak of your physical health, as well as the peak of your connection to your soul, by enhancing the power that you already have stored within you.

Polarity therapy works on the fact there is such a thing called life energy, also known as prana or chi. This life energy underlies our physical, mental and emotional experience in life. What I am able to do is move your energy so that you go from negative to positive and from positive to excited to create balance and health in your life. I do this by using the systems of polarity that already operate in your body, your mind, emotions and soul.

When you think about it, we live in a world of polar opposites; sun and moon, male and female, ebb and flow, anger and joy. In fact, life on earth cannot exist without an opposite. The same poles of relationship operate in the body, mind and emotions.

In polarity therapy we view the body as a magnetic energy field and a matrix of patterns where the principles of polarity operate. Disturbed polarities will manifest as pain or problems anywhere in the body, illness, symptoms of anxiety, stress, exhaustion and even feeling as if you have lost your personal identity in life and sense of self, or lack confidence. In fact, there are many symptoms that manifest when your polarities are out of balance.

During a consultation, with you fully clothed lying on a couch, I use specific gentle, hands-on body treatments to release the disturbances that have manifested in your body and offer talking therapy so you gain clarity about your life, your situation, your sense of self and help you get clear on your relationship. These may include acupressure, reflexology, cranial sacral, fascia release and gentle manipulations.

Polarity therapy treats and promotes health for a multitude of conditions and here are a few:

  • Pain or disturbances anywhere in the body such as back, shoulder or neck pain, headaches, and knee, hip and ankle pain
  • Support through illness such as cancer, diabetes and MS
  • Emotional stresses and strains such as anxiety, depression and exhaustion
  • Sense of self such as lack of confidence, self-esteem, and lost identity
  • Clarity of mind such as lacking direction and motivation
  • Changes in life such as divorce, grief or trauma
  • Hormonal issues such as PMT, menopause and infertility
  • Digestive problems such as IBS, bloated, acid reflux; in fact, any pain or disturbance in the abdomen
  • Chest and circulation problems such as heart and breathing problems, blood pressure and fluid in the body

Every session involves a hands-on body treatment and I work with the level and depth of your condition. Often, once an initial problem is rectified, my clients come for more more issues and once they are back to a level of comfort and health they continue for maintenance sessions as treatments are very restoring and relaxing.

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