Polarity therapy

Polarity therapy

Practitioner: Jane Seaman

Cost: First appointment and consultation (90 minutes) £72, follow up (60 minutes) £55

Polarity therapy is a multi-dimensional solution that helps you to be at the peak of your energy, the peak of your physical health and the peak of your mental clarity, by balancing and enhancing the power you have stored within you.

To give you an idea of how it works I recently helped a lady in her late 40s who had lost her mojo and was feeling tired, exhausted, stressed and anxious about her future. Her older children were leaving home and she was wondering who she was any more without being a hands-on mum. I did a series of body treatments to release and relax the knee and back pain she was experiencing to reclaim her energy, and talking therapy which enabled her to gain a different perspective on the situation she was facing. After six sessions she had her mojo back, her shoulder, neck and back pain has gone and she is able to sustain her energy levels. She now visits me for maintenance/mentoring sessions as, in her words, 'I continue to come even though I don’t have any real problems now, but I feel so much better, more relaxed and recharged with a clear mind after a session.'

Another of my clients in her early 30s makes time in her busy schedule to see me once a month.  She runs her own very successful business and juggles this with being mum to two small children, both under five. She originally came to me suffering from physical pain in her shoulders and general stress, but also a strained relationship. She has found the sessions invaluable, as during our time together the body treatments released the tension and pressure she felt in her body and we explored different aspects of her life and found ways to help her through this troubled time. She continues to come for treatments as maintenance and, as she says, 'I find the treatments relaxing, enlightening and essential as I am a very busy person, but I love taking time out for a session with Jane.'

We live in a world of polar opposites and the same poles of relationship operate through the energy of the body, mind and emotions. Disturbed polarities will manifest as:

  • Back, shoulder, neck pain, headaches, joint pains. Polarity therapy treats and promotes healing to release pain in your physical body. There are over 65 different polarity techniques and treatments for varying conditions to help your particular problem.
  • Cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses are supported by giving you time out to relax and have your energy moved, so it can find a natural balance that feels supportive to you.
  • Anxiety, depression, exhaustion and emotional stress are helped through body treatments and talking therapy to release the underlying cause.
  • Lack of confidence, self-esteem and lost identity where polarity therapy helps you reconnect with your inner power and self.
  • Lacking direction and motivation are helped through gaining clarity of mind and a recharge of your energy.
  • Divorce, grief or trauma are just some of the major life changes where balancing your polarities and getting your body and mind balanced are key in helping you to be less anxious, be in the ‘now’ and positively look forward in life.
  • PMT, menopause and infertility are helped through freeing up energy in your pelvis and hormonal system as well as balancing the different qualities of energies that work within you.
  • IBS, feeling bloated, acid reflux… in fact, any pain in the abdomen or bowel are helped by getting the energy moving in this area of the body so it can heal itself.
  • Heart and breathing problems, blood pressure and circulation issues really benefit from polarity body treatments.

How I help you is by combining body treatments to release the disturbance that has manifested in your body and talking therapy so you gain clarity about your life, your situation and your sense of self, and help you get clear on your relationships. This is a treatment system like no other –the sessions are relaxing and offer you a multi-dimensional solution to your health needs.


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