Sound therapy

woman playing the flute

Sound is a natural painkiller

No one would dispute that many sounds bring pleasure. There’s nothing quite so soothing as harmonious music: the trill of the flute in Mozart’s Flute Concerto maybe, or the soulful singing of Aretha Franklin. Bird song and the lapping of waves on the shore bring a smile to the face. But did you know that…

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One-to-one sound therapy – make this your personal present to yourself!

Anyone who’s been to one of Sonja Gundry’s sound baths knows just how beautiful they are. Relaxing, calming, revitalising, healing, whatever you need you take from the session. Well, we’re excited to announce that Sonja is now offering one-off to offer sound therapy on an individual basis. £65. Treat yourself…. We listen to music to cheer ourselves…

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