Drosera, homeopathic remedy for coughs

I’ve had quite a few calls in the last week from people suffering from coughs. It’s tended to be a similar cough, in fact, for which I’ve given them the homeopathic remedy drosera

Drosera is a brilliant help for coughs, the homeopathic remedy I prescribe most frequently for coughing. It helps with a certain kind of irritating cough that is doing the rounds at the moment and is tough to kick:

  • fits of coughing that you can’t stop, sometimes so bad that you end up retching
  • coughing that makes you hoarse or lose your voice
  • a cough that is worse at night, often descending when you go to bed when you haven’t really coughed during the day
  • whooping cough, or a cough that sounds like it (when whooping cough was prevalent it was the no1 homeopathic remedy to treat it)

In the illustration I’m using here, supplied by the Society of Homeopaths (the regulatory body to which I belong), it says that you often have a sense of persecution with this type of cough – well, that’s something I’ve never found! Drosera works a treat for paroxysms of coughing that seem never-ending… end of. It is one of scores of homeopathic remedies that can help coughs, chosen according to the type of cough you have and other related symptoms (such as being thirsty, for example, or having a sore throat, or whether you have other respiratory issues). A homeopath will quiz you on your precise symptoms before reaching a decision on the most appropriate remedy for you to take for your cough.

Sue Leach, homeopath

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