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Scot playing bagpipes in celebration of vegetarian haggis for Burns Night

Vegetarian haggis for Burns Night

Celebrate Burns Night on 25 January with our holistic nutritionist Nikki Robertson’s vegetarian haggis, either baked in a loaf tin or made into parcels wrapped in Savoy cabbage  Vegetarian haggis Prep time: 30 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Serves 6 You will need: loaf tin, foil Ingredients 80g lentils 1 onion, chopped 3 large mushrooms, (…)

Resilience in pandemic times

Building inner resilience in pandemic times

Feeling discombobulated? Who isn’t right now! Neena Saith, our pranic healing practitioner, offers some valuable advice on how to build resilience in this emotional rollercoaster of a year. Neena is offering free consultations to teachers and NHS workers Since starting at the Natural Health Hub in October it has become very clear to me that (…)

Gut health reboot challenge

Feedback on our gut reboot challenge

Here’s some of the feedback Nikki Robertson, our holistic nutritionist, received from people who took part in January’s Gut Health Reboot challenge. It’s still not too late to join her challenge starting on 1 February – go on… if cooking’s become a chore and eating healthily gone out the window, then this is just right (…)

Gut health cleanse

5-day gut health cleanse

Our 5-day gut health cleanse is the perfect antidote to lockdown. Clear your gut of the excesses of the festive season, and re-energise your micro biome and whole system. Your body will thank you – both physically and mentally! No dieting, no fasting, just follow our nutritionist’s FREE healthy eating programme for five days Developed (…)

New Year objectives

Objectives > Gameplan > Execution

Rod Davis knows a thing or two about motivating people. As well as being a world-class sailor himself he has coached many sailors to Olympic success. Here are his thoughts on how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals: it doesn’t matter if you want to be get to the Olympics, shed a few kilos, (…)

Turning New Year resolutions into reality

Turning your New Year resolutions into reality

New Year is a time for reflection. You may be feeling remorse after too much indulgence over Christmas. You will undoubtedly want to put the gloom and negativity of 2020 well and truly behind you. You are probably thinking about New Year resolutions to improve your life, set goals or achieve an aspiration. Here are (…)

The treehouse meditation to take you to a place where you always feel safe and at ease

The treehouse meditation with Shelley Edwards

As we head into the second week of the second lockdown you may well feel drawn to this treehouse meditation from our NLP life coach and yoga instructor Shelley Edwards… A calm place amid the uncertainty   ‘No matter what is happening in the forest of your life you can always return to the sanctuary (…)

vitamin d3 drops vegan

Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

Are you getting enough Vitamin D? The odds are you’re not, particularly this year. As our top source of this nutrient is the sun, not food, and most of us have been forced to be home-bound for a long period this spring, yet another byproduct of lockdown is you’re most likely deficient in Vitamin D. (…)

Sweet potato and bean bake

Sweet potato and bean bake (vegan)

Our recipe of the month, from holistic nutritionist Nikki Robertson, is this winter warming sweet potato and bean bake I like to use up whatever’s around in recipes. So I had a tin of butter beans and a little left of two types of dried beans, which I cooked first. The bake is delicious served (…)

Smoothies with substance

Smoothies to stop lockdown bingeing

Ah yes, here we go again – days spent hovering around the food cupboard, mindlessly eating every time we make a cup of coffee. Well, not this time: take control of bingeing and take the hassle out of deciding what to eat for two meals a day at the same time. We’re offering a new (…)

ways to get a digital detox from the electromagnetic stress from computers and phones

Taking a rest from electromagnetic stress

Feeling tired? Anxious? Depleted? Constantly on edge? Worried? The reason could be that you’re using your phone and computer too much – a survey conducted by Deloitte in 2015 found that around 59% of smartphone users check a social media platform in the five minutes before going to bed and within 30 minutes of waking (…)

Why we all need to take a digital detox from our phones and computers

Reasons why you need a digital detox

WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Zoom, TikTok… where would be without them right now? We’ve all been relying so much on technology to amuse ourselves, work from home and stay connected (and sane!) over the past few months. The time we’re spending online is at a record high since the end of March, with seven out of (…)

Kids who take children's probiotics take 40% less time off school

Probiotics mean 40% less time off school

So they’re off back to school… and now comes the season of snot, sniffles and wheezing. How to stop the snots? Research shows kids who take children’s probiotics through winter have 25% less chance of getting some infections and miss 40% less school. They’re also less likely to go down with ear, nose and throat (…)

Why taking vitamin C is crucial to guard against Covid-19

Why taking Vitamin C is crucial right now

It has long been established that Vitamin C helps boost our immune system, both used to prevent colds and flu and to treat it. But in lockdown it has come into its own in the fight against Covid-19… Renowned preventive health expert Patrick Holford spent the first few weeks of lockdown writing a ground-breaking new (…)

5 ways that meditating benefits physical and mental health

5 reasons why meditating works

We’re great advocates of meditating here at The Hub. Here are five reasons why you don’t have to just take our word for it – medical proof that regular meditation can really make a difference to both your physical and mental health   1. Research using brain imaging has shown that meditating daily creates new (…)

Adi shakti: restoring your personal power

Adi shakti: restoring your personal power

We share with you a meditation, Adi shakti, to empower and motivate, tuning into your personal power and the infinite energy of the cosmos  This Hindu mantra is sometimes also called Adi parashakti, meaning the First Power. It’s a powerful mantra to attract infinite divine power and energy. When meditating with this mantra our intention (…)

Homeopathy and Covid-19

Homeopathy and Covid-19

Sue Leach, owner of The Hub and homeopath for the past 15 years, shares the experiences homeopaths around the world have had treating people suffering from Covid-19 Homeopathy is already renowned for its effectiveness in curbing epidemics. Samuel Hahnemann, the German physician and founder of homeopathy, successfully used it to treat patients during the scarlet (…)

Eating seasonally

Eating seasonally: win-win for you and nature

Eating with the seasons is a great way to get hold of organic produce more cheaply while also reducing the footprint of your diet. September is an amazing time to start eating seasonally if you live in the UK. British soils are busy bearing the very best of two seasons’ crops – the last of (…)

Vitamin C: the frontline soldier to treat and prevent Covid-19

Vitamin C: the frontline soldier

It has long been established that Vitamin C helps boost our immune system, both used to prevent colds and flu and to treat it. But in lockdown it has come into its own… Renowned preventive health expert Patrick Holford spent the first few weeks of lockdown writing a ground-breaking new book, Flu Fighters. He provides (…)

Journalling for mindfulness and setting your intentions

Journalling for mindfulness, setting intentions and getting creative

Keeping a journal isn’t simply keeping a diary. Journalling is a chance to be reflective every day or few days, go deeper with your own thoughts, set your intentions and express yourself. Rebecca Marr outlines its many benefits, with suggestions on how to get the maximum benefit from your journalling   Journalling for mindfulness, setting (…)