Videos explain what homeopathy is and how it works

how homeopathy works

15% of our population use homeopathy and a further 80% have heard about it. However, many people are not quite sure what makes homeopathy different from other systems of medicine. What exactly is homeopathic treatment? How does homeopathy work? And what can it help with?

If you want a simple explanation of what homeopathy is all about, then click here to watch these three short animation videos, involving cartoon characters called the Snooks… The first explains what homeopathy is, the second why to try homeopathy and the third what to expect when you visit a homeopath.

Then for anyone in doubt about the effectiveness of homeopathy, click here for some patient testimonials on how homeopathy has benefited them on an A-Z of ailments, from abdomen pain to yeast infection.

Tried everything else??? Try homeopathy.

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