What do the Queen and David Beckham have in common?

Homeopathy and the queen

Q: What do David Beckham and the Queen have in common?

A: Homeopathy

The Royal Family have used and endorsed homeopathy for three generations. The Queen is said never to travel without her homeopathic first aid kit, and we homeopaths like to think the longevity of her family – the Queen mum lived to 102, Elizabeth is still going strong at 91 and the Duke of Edinburgh is 96 – can be put down, to some extent, to our little white pills.

The Queen is not alone, however, in having found homeopathy a boon. Here are just a few of the folk who also sing its praises…

David Beckham was impressed how well his broken foot mended after using homeopathy just before the 2002 World Cup.

Catherine Zeta Jones was introduced to homeopathy when she had lots of strains and sprains during the filming of Chicago.

Tina Turner was treated for her TB homeopathically.

Pamela Anderson used homeopathy to treat her hepatitis C in 2002 and credits it for keeping her in good health today.

Toby Maguire used remedies for back pain while filming Spider-man 2.

Orlando Bloom swears by homeopathic remedies for colds and when he loses his voice.

Michelle Collins first came to homeopathy when her daughter Maia was a baby and used it for all the daily childhood ailments. Now a regular homeopathic user, particularly for stage nerves, she says: ‘Homeopathy is very important to healthy living. It empowers you to take control of your health. The NHS should be looking to things like this to help manage spiralling costs as it is so inexpensive and effective, plus conventional drugs can have horrible side-effects which make things worse.’

Paul McCartney says he can’t manage without homeopathy and never goes anywhere without remedies.

Cher and Priscilla Presley report that their chronic fatigue syndrome was cured with homeopathy and Lisa Marie Presley used homeopathy for postnatal depression.

Nelly Furtado takes homeopathic remedies for jetlag when she goes on tour.

Other advocates come from all walks of life, and include Michael Caine, Twiggy, Roger Daltrey, James Ellington, Susan Hampshire, Caprice, Richard Branson, Meera Syal, Debra Stephenson, Gaby Roslin, Jude Law and Nadia Sawalha.

Homeopathy Awareness Week (HAW) takes place from 10 to 16 April this year, and is a celebration of homeopathy, a safe, gentle, natural system of medicine. 10 April was the day on which Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, was born. During Homeopathy Awareness Week people from around the world will gather together to commemorate Hahnemann’s birth, and to raise awareness of how homeopathy can help to improve health and well-being.


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