homeopathic remedies for hay fever

There are scores of homeopathic remedies for hay fever. Whether your eyes become sore, streaming puffy messes at the faintest hint of pollen, or your nose runs like a tap, or you could itch for England, you can significantly relieve your symptoms with well-chosen remedies. The secret is to find the one that fits for your symptoms. Forget over-the-counter homeopathic remedies for hayfever (which throw in half a dozen and hope for the best that one in there is going to work for you) – it’s way more effective to find specific remedies for your specific symptoms.

Here are the top six that I’ve found over my 14 years as a homeopath are most often needed…

Allium cepa: nose runs like a tap, often making nostrils/upper lip red raw.

Arsenicum album: thin, watery drip from the nose that leaves skin sore. Nasal passages feel blocked, often with sneezing that brings no relief.

Arundo: burning and itching in ears and roof of the mouth, then can go on to include conjunctivitis. With sneezing and itchy nose.

Euphrasia (pictured): centres on the eyes, which stream with burning tears leaving them sore, red and sensitive.

Sabadilla: sneezing, sometimes blow-your-head-off strength! Also often with discharge from nose and eyes.

Succinum: Extreme itchiness. Lots of sneezing, and the whole respiratory tract is irritated and inflamed.

Wyethia: the textbook hayfever remedy – try if none of the others seem to match your symptoms.

They are best taken in the 30c potency, as you need them – which can be at half-hour intervals (maximum six doses daily) if you’re really suffering. It’s fine to take several different remedies, alternating them according to your symptoms at the time. These homeopathic remedies for hay fever are available for £7.50 each at The Hub.

Note, though, that these will not cure your hay fever, they’ll merely manage – and hopefully dramatically improve – the symptoms. To get full treatment, and possibly get rid of your hay fever altogether, you need to see a qualified homeopath.

Sue Leach

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