Got that over-fed bloated, burpy, bilious feeling? Head thumping from the excesses of last night? We’ve got the perfect antidote: the homeopathic remedy nux vomica, a natural and effective hangover cure. Perfect if you’ve overdone it over the festive season, whether it’s an excess of food or booze or too many rich naughties. It’s a bit like Rennies, Gaviscon, Dioralyte and Nurofen all rolled into one.

Made from the poison nut, as the name suggests, nux vomica is the top ‘sicky’ homeopathic remedy. For hangovers or excessive eating, it eases the symptoms and hastens your recovery. Take one 30c and if you feel better, that’s enough; if you’re still feeling rotten after half an hour, repeat; and so on…

When to use…

  • Upset stomach of any sort
  • Nausea and vomiting – whether it’s a sickness bug or self-imposed overindulgence!
  • Digestive disorders: nausea, stomach aches, hiccups
  • Weight/pain/bloating/discomfort in the stomach from overeating
  • Travel sickness
  • Morning sickness
  • Colic in babies
  • Headache and/or sickness from alcoholic excesses: the homeopathic hangover cure!

£7.50 for a 5ml bottle of remedies