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Homeopathy for Homeopathic Awareness Week

Why choose homeopathy?

To celebrate Homeopathic Awareness Week (10-16 April) Sue Leach, owner of The Natural Health Hub, outlines 10 reasons to choose homeopathy over conventional medicine   Kit yourself out for day-to-day ailments You don’t have to have a degree in homeopathy to use it highly effectively on a day-to-day basis. With a kit of a dozen (…)

Mother's love illustrated by a swan with her babies on her back

To mother with love

Remember a time when your mum went above and beyond? A time when she hugged you through an illness or after a nightmare, coaxed you through fear and loathing before a big event, praised a drawing that was utterly rubbish?! Maybe a moment of hilarity or fun that has a special place in your memory. (…)

Benefits of pilates for core strength, toning, flexility and the feel-good factor

5 reasons to do pilates

We’re so pleased to offer pilates at The Hub. It’s just SO beneficial in so many ways. Here are 5 reasons it should be part of everyone’s life – not least those who sit at a desk all day… ⁠Pilates brings positive realignment of the spine and body, allowing you to connect with your body (…)

Hypnotherapy used in mainstream medicine

Proof that hypnosis should be taken seriously

For too long hypnosis has had a bad rap. People have associated it either with cheap entertainment designed to amuse an audience, or with fear that somehow they will ‘lose control’ when they ‘go under’. But not only is a growing body of research starting to prove the benefits of hypnotherapy, hypnosis techniques are increasingly (…)

Whisper oil from DoTerra, tailormade for women

Perfect gift for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day on 22 March. Fancy giving your mum something she will treasure for longer than just Mothering Sunday? Something that is quintessentially feminine and premium quality and guaranteed to make her feel special? We suggest DoTerra’s Whisper, a blend of  essential oils specifically tailormade for women  Whisper is a complex and diverse blend. (…)

The unforeseen problem of plastic waste due to coronavirus

Let’s cool it about coronavirus!

The most dangerous thing about coronavirus is the media hysteria, says Sue Leach, owner of The Natural Health Hub. You have much more chance of dying from flu or a traffic accident than from Covid-19, and if you’re going to get het up about infectious diseases look at the figures for TB   There’s no (…)

DoTerra lemon essential oil

Essential oil of the month: lemon

Whether it is being diffused, taken internally, or applied topically, lemon essential oil has so many uses and benefits that no household should be without it With its clean, fresh, citrus aroma, lemon is known for its purifying properties. Often used in cleaning products and air purifiers, it has distinct cleansing and deodorising characteristics that (…)

Drosera, homeopathic remedy for coughs

Drosera: a top homeopathic remedy for coughs

I’ve had quite a few calls in the last week from people suffering from coughs. It’s tended to be a similar cough, in fact, for which I’ve given them the homeopathic remedy drosera Drosera is a brilliant help for coughs, the homeopathic remedy I prescribe most frequently for coughing. It helps with a certain kind (…)

Woman Code by Alisa Vitti

Book of the month: Woman Code

Our book of the month for March is Woman Code by Alisa Vitti, recommended by our yoga teacher and bolster designer/maker Claudia Davies @studioknoga This book is a game changer, ladies. I’m telling you the younger you or your loved ones are when you access this knowledge regarding understanding your own body and hormonal cycles (…)

The Daily Dose. Benefits of a vegan or plant-based diet

Vegan for life, not just for January

A record 400,000 people signed up to the Veganuary movement (nearly double the number last year), but few of them have adopted a vegan diet for good. Our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple outlines why a more plant-focused shouldn’t be just a fad for a few weeks – it’s a great plan for the rest of (…)

Diagram showing how you can use hand reflexology to ease sciatica

Self-help reflexology for sciatica

Most people are familiar with foot reflexology, but did you know you can also use reflexology techniques on your own hand for some everyday conditions? The Hub’s reflexologist Ally Brown shows you how to work some of the pressure points on your hands to ease your sciatica The sciatic nerve runs from the nerves at (…)

Reiki, ancient Japanese holistic treatment that is excellent to relax and revitalise you

So what on earth is reiki?!

Our reiki practitioner Katharine O’Callaghan is fed up of people dismissing reiki as out there! Here is her down-to-earth, straightforward explanation of what exactly reiki is and what her treatments entail   Reiki is quite difficult to describe to people without sounding a bit ‘woo woo’. But I’m going to try to answer some of (…)

Hannah Bimpson with koala, raising money for the wildlife affected by the Australian bushfires

We’ve raised over £1,000 for the bushfire animals

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in The Hub’s yoga/meditation fundraiser on Thursday 30 January at SenSpa in Brockenhurst. We’ve raised just over £1,000 for the animals and wildlife that have been blighted by the bushfires in Australia For two months Australia has been ravaged by the fires. The toll this uncontrollable firestorm has taken (…)

Organic natural handmade yoga bolsters

Handmade natural organic yoga bolsters

Welcome to our newest product editions to The Hub: Claudia Davies’s Studio Knoga yoga bolsters which are lovingly supporting and warming our yogis on these cold winter mornings and evenings… Handmade by our very own yoga teacher Claudia Davies, these bolsters are crafted by her in her knitwear design studio in The New Forest. They (…)

Woman holding her forehead in pain due to an emotional upset

90 per cent of pain is emotional

The Hub’s polarity therapist Jane Seaman recalls how she came to realise just how much her emotions were affecting her physically and had been holding her back in life for years   How does your body tell you that something is not right in your life? Many people walk around with niggly aches and pains (…)

How are you keeping to your New Year's resolutions: are you being an angel or keeping to your devilish ways?

The myth of the power of 21 days

How are you doing with your New Year resolutions? Halo glowing because you’ve stuck to your new intentions for three weeks now? It’s widely bandied around that if you stay doing a new activity, intention or behaviour for 21 days it will then become an ingrained habit – so if you’ve got through to 21 (…)

Woman in lavender showing the benefits of choosing complementary therapies

Natural health therapies: the difference

Discover the difference natural health therapies can make to your life and why to choose alternative over allopathic Western medicine. Polarity therapist, shamanic healer, business & life consultant Jane Seaman explains why we at The Hub firmly believe in the alternative   Are you someone who has an interest in alternative therapies or ancient healing practices, (…)

Bushfires in Australia, fundraiser to help animals

Tomorrow is hope: a poem from Oz

This is a poem written by a friend of The Hub who was forced to abandon his house in New South Wales on Boxing Day due to the Australian bushfires. His words say it all… this tragedy has broken the hearts of the Australians, its destruction relentless and irreversible. We are raising funds for the (…)

5 good habits to maintain rather than January good intentions

2020 good intentions

Our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple shares five simple good intentions that ought to be not just to put on your January halo – but to maintain for the rest of your life January is usually a time to put some good intentions in place and, although you may not be grabbing detox and gym regimes (…)

The signficance of the year 2020

The symbolism of 2020

2020 is set to be an important year. The 20th year of the third millennium, the 20th year of the 21st century, the first year of the 2020s decade and a leap year. In numerology, the universal ‘language’ of numbers, it is believed that each number has a meaning, a natural order – and a (…)