The word eczema highlighted in a dictionary

This week is Eczema Awareness Week (14-22 September). Do you or any of your loved ones suffer with eczema? At The Hub our team of experts offer natural, drug-free alternatives to treating eczema. We work by looking holistically at the whole picture of why you suffer from this debilitating skin condition. We believe in finding the specific root cause of your eczema rather than merely treating the symptoms, sometimes eradicating the problem altogether. We work from the inside… naturally! Stay tuned this week for our tips, advice and natural therapies for eczema. The Hub is a guaranteed steroid-free zone


ECZEMA (atopic dermatitis) The facts

  • Eczema has increased by 40% over the last four years in the UK
  • There are more than 10 types of eczema
  • 15-20% of children have eczema
  • 38% of sufferers are adults, usually severe or persistent
  • What causes eczema is unknown but it is known to be linked to diet, family history, stress and allergens