Cypress essential oil from DoTerra

Perfect for the cold winter months, cypress has been well known for its therapeutic benefits throughout history, going as far back as the time of the Ancient Greeks. The physician Hippocrates, regarded as the ‘father of medicine’, is said to have used cypress oil in his bath to support healthy circulation, and Greek physicians would…

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Increase your vitality to be carefree and active like a dog

Just about all of us got into some bad habits just to cope through the weird last five months. Continuing our theme of September being the new New Year, here are some ways to refocus, rebalance and restore your vitality after lockdown  Want to read the full article? Sign up here to The Daily Dose…

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The word eczema highlighted in a dictionary

This week is Eczema Awareness Week (14-22 September). Do you or any of your loved ones suffer with eczema? At The Hub our team of experts offer natural, drug-free alternatives to treating eczema. We work by looking holistically at the whole picture of why you suffer from this debilitating skin condition. We believe in finding the…

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