Young girl applying steroid cream to eczema on her arm

Topical steroids really help eczema, no doubt about it. But they don’t always work, and often their effect is only short-lived. Here are five reasons to avoid using them – don’t go for the easy fix! Come and see one of our experts for natural, drug-free solutions to eczema. We work on solving your eczema rather than merely managing the symptoms with steroids


Here are five reasons not to use steroids if you possibly can. Longterm use causes:

  1. Thinning of the skin
  2. Easy bruising
  3. Enlarged blood vessels
  4. Susceptibility to skin infections and aggravation of certain skin conditions.
  5. Suppression of the adrenal gland, resulting in the body not producing its natural steroids. Which means stopping steroids suddenly can then result in illness.

Plus eventually… large amounts absorbed through the skin can cause fluid retention, raised blood pressure and diabetes, among other things.