Natural remedy for hayfever sufferers with itchy eyes

While most of us are enjoying the spring air and rise in temperatures, this respite from rain and winter chills means the trees are budding more quickly – and that means hay fever will begin to strike earlier. Please spread the word: homeopathy really can crack your hay fever. That’s crack it rather than merely managing your hay fever symptoms. Here are a few kind words that people have said about how homeopathy has helped people’s hayfever…

Ever since you treated our son [three years ago] he has been hayfever free! WP

In previous years I was always popping pills for my hayfever, for ever going to the doctor, then taking three of the tablets when the instructions said one per day because my symptoms were so bad. Nothing ever seemed to work properly or have a lasting effect. But this year, with the homeopathic remedies, I’ve hardly had to take any conventional medication – and certainly one one pill at a time, on the odd day when my symptoms have been worse. The homeopathy really has made an enormous difference. AB

We’re well into the season now… our hayfever has been MUCH BETTER. I am even able to walk through fields of grass seeds… not even an itchy eye!! PM

Just to let you know, my son took some of the little tablets today and the hayfever went immediately… Impressive! LC

I have suffered from hayfever for all my adult life, sometimes to the point that I used to feel ill. Sue and her homeopathy have been brilliant and I am coping with it through homeopathic remedies and not the antihistamines that I used to take… a terrific benefit. AB

Just a note to let you know we are getting on really well with your hayfever remedies. The symptoms are much reduced – normally by now I would be sneezing a lot, and feeling sick afterwards, but none of that has happened. MJ

My 14-year-old son has suffered from severe hayfever since he was four years ld. During peak pollen counts we had to close all the windows, I could not dry his clothing or bedding outside and he would often have days off school because he would get so bad, despite help from the GP. I cannot recommend Sue enough; my son’s symptoms have improved so much since the desensitising and the remedies, he can venture outside even during the highest pollen counts. He does still have the antihistamine from the GP, but no longer has the eye drops or nose sprays, and he is virtually symptom free. I would highly recommend Sue’s hayfever/allergy services. JA

My hayfever has been SO MUCH better this season, amazing. LB


A one-hour consultation to find homeopathic treatment tailored specifically for your hay fever costs £80 for adults and £60 for children, including remedies. Sue Leach, our homeopath, operates her clinic on Tuesdays – to book click on the schedule below. If you need an urgent appointment for your hay fever give Sue a call on 01590 670955