Teenagers in a classroom revising for an exam

As the exam season draws nearer there are so many households up and down the country going through the mill as teenagers grow grumpy, sullen, weepy, silent, intense, panicky… As the parent of two, one academic who worked all hours and still felt it wasn’t enough, the other who really wasn’t completely onboard, I know exactly how it is! Homeopathy can be brilliant for calming exam nerves, helping them relax through the exam season and giving them the courage on the day. Here are just a few remedies that can help…

Lotus: the ‘modern-day Rescue Remedy’. A new alternative to Rescue Remedy, this is a gentle relaxant and soother when you’re feeling frazzled and fraught.

Argentum nitricum: fear of heights/flying, and of the dentist or doctor. ‘White coat ­syndrome’, anxiety attacks. Anticipatory anxiety where you can’t sit still, you pace the room, everything is in a hurry – and you have to get something sweet inside you. Very belchy and ­flatulent.

Gelsemium: exam nerves, exhaustion from too much studying. Anticipatory ­anxiety where you feel trembly, dizzy, your hands shake and you’re weak at the knees. Perhaps a chill runs up and down your spine and your mind goes blank. This is also a great hay fever remedy, so it helps stop hay fever scuppering concentration and exam performance.

Aconite: panic, rabbit in the headlights. Anticipatory anxiety where you just can’t do it – you freeze. Great fear and anxiety, afraid of death and what the future has in store – you always fear the worst. Pale, dizzy, numb, short of breath, restless.

Lycopodium: nerves that go straight to the stomach, giving you diarrhoea or gut ache. Under-­confident. Anticipatory anxiety with constipation, lots of ‘what ifs’ and a need to get it right.

Arsenicum album: worry, fear and anticipation. Fear of death and disease. Restless, irritable and always fears the worst. Anguished anxiety.

AAAs A combination of arg nit, ambra grisea and aconite, this is good to give teenagers who have low-level anxiety at the prospect of any event. Think of this combo as ‘courage pills’.

Sue Leach, homeopath

If you’re teenager is suffering from exam anxiety, book an appointment with our homeopath Sue Leach for a full consultation and a course of remedies that will be tailored specifically for their needs. Sue can give them reassurance and courage – even those who are overtaken with panic or exhausted from working too hard!