Homeopathy and Covid-19

Sue Leach, owner of The Hub and homeopath for the past 15 years, shares the experiences homeopaths around the world have had treating people suffering from Covid-19

Homeopathy is already renowned for its effectiveness in curbing epidemics. Samuel Hahnemann, the German physician and founder of homeopathy, successfully used it to treat patients during the scarlet fever epidemic in Europe in 1799. And during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 homeopaths achieved a mortality of 1.05% in their patients while the average mortality was approaching 30%. Not only are mortality rates lower, people get better much more quickly if they are given homeopathic remedies.

You may well be thinking – and rightly so – that of course I would claim this as a homeopath. Well, here are some statistics that you just can’t argue with…

A group of homeopaths, led by Jeremy Sherr, who has worked for over a decade with Aids patients, have been collecting data during the global pandemic. In April 2020 complete clinical information documented by homeopaths from the UK, Israel, Russia, Japan, China, Italy, Belgium, Germany and the US was collated for 204 cases of homeopathic treatment of presumed COVID-19. In most cases it was impossible to verify whether the person definitively had COVID-19 because tests were not available to people unless they were hospitalised. However, the cases presented with recognised CDC-identified COVID-19 symptoms and so are classified as ‘presumed’.

  • Of the 204 cases 131 people (64%) reported their symptoms as ‘very much better’ after homeopathy, meaning that they were returning to their normal state with only slight symptoms and were not relapsing.
  • 58 (28%) were ‘much better’, meaning improved from the serious symptoms but still experiencing some lesser symptoms.
  • Combined, 189 cases (93%) were either very much or much better. The other 7% were either somewhat better or unchanged. None worsened.
  • Most of the people, in stage 1 of the virus with mild symptoms, responded well within 24 to 48 hours.
  • People in stage 2, a week or more into the virus, with more intense, deeper symptoms, usually took a week and two or three remedies to bring the disease to resolution.

Top remedies the homeopaths found were effective for Covid-19

  • Aconite: shock, disbelief, fear anxiety. This is a top flu remedy.
  • Ant tart: congestion, mucus. This is a top remedy for noisy, wheezy coughs with lots of catarrh that is difficult to shift. We use it to treat a whole range of coughs, from the persistent cough that just won’t go to heavy rattling chests in pneumonia.
  • Phosphorus: wiped out, mucousy, anxious. This is a top pneumonia and bronchitis remedy, and we often use it to treat people who’re laid low in bed with a respiratory illness and feeling very sensitive.
  • Bryonia: feverish, aching, irritable and thirsty with a bad cough. They want to be left alone and even the slightest movement can hurt and make them peevish.
  • Phos ac: utterly exhausted, both physically and mentally.

These remedies are not the be all and end all in treating Covid-19. When we homeopaths treat an illness we follow in detail the symptoms every individual has and prescribe on them personally. However, in the patients I helped locally I prescribed mainly ant tart, phosphorus and phos ac in 200c potency (only available from homeopaths and homeopathic pharmacies). If you would like to have these remedies in store just in case, please call me. I am offering them free to The Daily Dose subscribers – obviously they come with no guarantees…

Sue Leach