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Weight loss coaching/mentoring

Practitioner: Shelley Edwards

Cost: Pay as you go £85 for 1 hour, or £480 for a block of 6 sessions (saving you £30) paid in advance

Availability: Friday mornings


Ever thought ‘It is so hard to lose weight and I really want to shed a few pounds and feel healthy?’

Well, you are not alone!

Shelley Edwards is a qualified Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, weight loss and well-being coach and NLP coach who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping clients to lose weight, get fit and maintain their fitness goals.

Shelley’s weight loss coaching and mentoring programme is about helping you to help yourself with gaining more knowledge about how the mind and body work – and learning that we actually can get in charge of our weight loss and fitness. If we get in charge of our mind and take control then we can easily stop things like emotional eating, cravings, the ‘What is the point?’ attitude that can then lead to more emotional eating followed by the dreaded feelings of guilt!

This is a blueprint for your well-being and whole life, not just a weight loss programme because, as well as tackling your weight, it addresses your beliefs and mindset to help you re-programme how your mind works.

Shelley has seen a lot of clients over the past 10 years who have specifically come for coaching and mentoring on their fitness, health and weight loss goals. Coaching has helped many clients and six clients alone have lost 33 stone between them (brilliant work!).

Shelley can share with you some facts, tools and exercises that can help you feel differently and motivate you to keep going to your goal achievement. 121 programmes are usually one hour long and can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Everyone’s needs are very different and sometimes it is just six sessions that are needed to get you on track towards your goal and sometimes more.


How it works

Depending on how many sessions you need, this is an idea of the types of topics a programme may consist of:

  • Setting your goal – goal mapping coaching session
  • Goal journalling workbook and achievement/daily journal
  • Supermarket field trip – what do people eat?
  • Weight history (personal assessment)
  • Weight gain probability and score
  • What makes us fat?
  • 10 weight loss rules
  • Fluid intake assessment (how important water is for weight loss)
  • How to promote weight loss success, the dangers of being overweight
  • Ideal weight category and calculation
  • BMI calculations
  • Body fat classification
  • Weight loss calculations
  • Blood pressure classification
  • Weight loss tracker, body fat tracker, body measurements tracker and the five principles of low-fat eating
  • Daily maintenance calories calculations
  • Calories per activity/exercise calculations
  • How fit are you?
  • Heart rate max calculations
  • Food diaries and meal planning
  • Sleep and weight loss
  • Stress and weight loss
  • Metabolism assessment
  • Analysing the energy values in food
  • The Glycemic Index (GI)
  • Low GI
  • Low GI grocery list
  • Personal Low GI grocery list
  • Waist-to-hip ratio calculations
  • Effective weight management and the nine principles of Low GI eating
  • Food addiction assessment
  • Control your cravings
  • Target macronutrient ratios
  • Weight loss calorific planner
  • Weight loss carb planner
  • Weight loss fat planner
  • Weight loss control planner
  • Four effective steps to help break the sugar habit
  • Essential vitamins and mineral list
  • Barriers to change and how not to fail
  • The weight loss food pyramid
  • What is a portion?
  • Current food pyramid
  • Personality traits and weight loss
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Working on limiting beliefs
  • Maintaining your goal
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Changing the way you think and feel for the better
  • Follow-up session on your goal and how it is going

Shelley would love to help you to succeed and welcomes any questions you may have. She offers a free no-obligation phone consultation (taking approximately 20 minutes) to help you to decide. Give her a call today on 07505 600719 or 02380 420425. Or email [email protected]


Be a healthy weight and live a healthy life