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The Hub’s yoga teacher and office administrator Claudia Davies offers a meditation to help you rekindle your sense of touch during this time of lockdown and self-isolation


It possibly might just be me, but if I had to guess I’m sure we’re all starting to feel the effects of quarantine. More specifically, not being able to touch others, to protect others and the NHS. However, as a sentimental, tactile, emotional person whose star sign is Cancer I wanted to reach out to anyone who might be feeling this way with a small but helpful mindfulness exercise that focuses on reconnecting with our sense of touch.

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  • Choose an object
  • Sit in front of it
  • Assume a comfortable posture
  • Close your eyes
  • Tune into your breath
  • Ground yourself into the earth


– Begin by becoming aware of the fingers and thumb on one hand and then travel over to the other, taking the time to observe how they feel today.

– Keeping your attention on your body, move your hands to the object and allow them to float down so the tips of the fingers are in contact with the object’s surface.

– Imagine you have no idea what this object is and have never laid eyes on it before, and explore every inch of it by touch.

– Immerse yourself into this sense and whenever the mind wanders bring it back directly to the sense of touch in the fingertips and thumbs.

– After a while you may want to pick up the object and explore it in the round, and perhaps involve other senses, such as hearing and smell.

– Start to link your imagination with the sensation of touch: what material is this? Where did it come from and who else’s hands has it gone through to get to yours? What is the texture? Allow your curiosity to whisk you away with your object.

– When you are ready, return the object to the ground and reground yourself through anchoring down following the breath.

– Notice your own hands: how do they feel after this exercise?

– What is your personal relationship to touch and contact with objects, nature or other beings?


Sending out much love and healing energy to everyone.




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