hand reflexology for stress and anxiety

Ally Brown, reflexologist at The Natural Health Hub in LymingtonWe hold a lot of tension in the palms of our hands, and simply kneading your way across your palms can be remarkable for bringing those stress levels down. Our reflexologist Ally Brown shares some simple hand reflexology techniques that you can use on yourself to help you out on days when you’re feeling stressed and anxious.

This is a lovely sequence, recorded by the Association of Reflexologist (AoR), that shows just how powerful reflexology can be for stress and anxiety. It’s not quite the same of course as a totally relaxing session with Ally – she can’t wait to get her hands on your feet! – but it is nevertheless incredibly calming and soothing.

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Simply kneading your way across your palms can be remarkably calming – focus on the knotty bits, where you’re holding those pent-up feelings. By ‘zone walking’ along the palms you can revitalise all areas of the body.

The video shows you how to work through the main body systems that are involved in our stress responses:

  • head reflex
  • brain reflex
  • neck line (go gently with any tender areas, or parts that ‘pop’)
  • shoulders
  • adrenal glands (which produce our stress hormones)
  • diaphragm (to ease and release our breathing)
  • spine (seat of all our parasympathetic nerves)

Round this off with ‘solar plexus’ breathing, pressing the reflex point in the centre of the palm and taking long, relaxed breaths in through the nose then out through the mouth. And we guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot more grounded and relaxed!


facial reflexologyAbout Ally Brown

Our therapist Ally Brown has been a reflexologist for almost 20 years and has been so rewarded to hear the benefits (physically, emotionally and mentally) that her clients have noticed, many of whom return time after time, year after year. Her facial reflexology with natural face-lift is a particular Hub favourite!




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