hand reflexology for stress and anxiety

We hold a lot of tension in the palms of our hands, and simply kneading your way across your palms can be remarkable for bringing those stress levels down. Our reflexologist Ally Brown shares some simple hand reflexology techniques that you can use on yourself to help you out on days when you’re feeling stressed…

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Here’s a cautionary tale illustrating the perils of treating symptoms rather than the root cause of an illness. Which is a chief reason why we at The Natural Health Hub would recommend choosing alternative therapies and complementary medicine rather than conventional drugs There once was a town called Allopath. It had many people, streets and cars but due…

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Reiki, ancient Japanese holistic treatment that is excellent to relax and revitalise you

Our reiki practitioner Katharine O’Callaghan is fed up of people dismissing reiki as out there! Here is her down-to-earth, straightforward explanation of what exactly reiki is and what her treatments entail   Reiki is quite difficult to describe to people without sounding a bit ‘woo woo’. But I’m going to try to answer some of…

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