foot reflexology chart

As we begin to emerge slowly slowly out of lockdown over the next few months you are forgiven for feeling a tad tense in some environments! The Natural Health Hub’s reflexologist Ally Brown shares some simple hand reflexology techniques that you can use on yourself to help you out on days when you’re feeling stressed…

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DIY ayurvedic facial massage

You may have heard of foot reflexology, the deliciously relaxing therapy where different areas of the sole of the foot are massaged to stimulate and revitalise areas of the body. But did you know that the face is also rich in reflex points that are linked to our organs and body systems – so massaging…

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Diagram showing how you can use hand reflexology to ease sciatica

Most people are familiar with foot reflexology, but did you know you can also use reflexology techniques on your own hand for some everyday conditions? The Hub’s reflexologist Ally Brown shows you how to work some of the pressure points on your hands to ease your sciatica The sciatic nerve runs from the nerves at…

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