The power of crystal healing

Our new office manager Rebecca Marr is passionate about crystals. She explains how they can be a powerful force in your life in recalibrating your personal energy, and she offers a few tips on choosing the right crystal for you… Crystals have been worked with by medicine people and shamans around the world for thousands…

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cleansing home

Our home should be our castle… our sanctuary… our safe place. It so important that where we live makes us feel safe, happy and comfortable in our surroundings. In fact, making it a positive living space, no matter how big or small, is key to optimising our health and well-being. At a time when the…

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The colour red

Join us for the second episode in the six-part guided meditation series with Jane Seaman, The Hub’s meditation teacher. Jane focuses on the power of the colour red and its cleansing and grounding properties. This is a visualisation meditation to enable you to remove your energy and chakra blockages through Jane’s soothing, steadying voice –…

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Releasing pent-up energy and frustration by roaring like a lion

Join us and Lexi Dranidi with this short video encouraging the lion within you to emerge and be free! Yup, you roar like a lion… forget your dignity, get roaring. This exercise is perfect to release any pent-up energy or blockages that might be arising during this time, so do yourself a huge energetic favour…

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How important is sleep to our health?

In the New Year the temptation is to get doing. Clear, sort, organise, go for it, get things done, make lists and then feel fried or guilty when we’ve not managed to work through them… But, says our polarity therapist and meditation teacher Jane Seaman, all that frenetic activity goes against the natural rhythms of…

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woman deeply relaxed in a reiki treatment

Katharine O’Callaghan is now offering reiki at The Hub on Thursdays. We’re honoured to have her onboard as she brings a wealth of reiki and natural health experience to our team   Reiki is a natural healing energy activated by intention. It comes from the Japanese words,‘rei’ (meaning ‘universal’) and ‘ki’ (meaning ‘energy’). This universal…

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