How important is sleep to our health?

In the New Year the temptation is to get doing. Clear, sort, organise, go for it, get things done, make lists and then feel fried or guilty when we’ve not managed to work through them… But, says our polarity therapist and meditation teacher Jane Seaman, all that frenetic activity goes against the natural rhythms of how we should be going about life at this time of year. Take regular naps is her advice…


Do you find yourself struggling with your energy reserves at this time of year?

Some people are unaware of how the natural rhythms of nature affect them and continue to push through when every fibre of their being is resisting. Others struggle to put on a cheery smile or muster up the energy to do extra chores and deal with already busy lives. It is no wonder that many people struggle with their energy at this time of year. Many people push too hard against what is natural and wonder why they get ill or feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Our underlying energy levels are affected by the natural cycles of nature and at this time of year nature is at rest. A simple way to work with nature and find your balance is to have a nap – and not feel guilty about it!

Find natural pauses in the day, where you can just close your eyes for a short time and dose away, go within and simply focus on the rhythm of your breath.  A 10-20-minute nap will have an amazing effect on your productivity, giving you an extra boost when your reserves are running low.

When you introduce ‘napping pauses’ in your day you can feel less pressured, your head clears and you may find you have more time than you thought.  A word of warning though don’t nap for too long as it may affect your night sleep!

Tips for keeping your physical and mental energy balanced

  • Following any kind of physical or mental activity, take a break. Don’t go rushing into another project or activity. Pause. For example, if you go to the gym, rest for at least 20-30 minutes before you do anything else, even driving to work. Let your nervous system rebalance, allow your energy to recharge and your mind to calm.
  • If you have been out shopping, or you have just come in from work, help yourself and take a pause before getting stuck into anything else – let your energy recharge.
  • When your brain feels ‘fried’ by staring at a screen for too long or you find yourself yawning or not thinking clearly it’s time to have a power nap!  A nap will clear your mind and enable you to get things done so much more quickly when you do return to your screen.
  • Drink plenty of water – dehydration makes you feel tired and heady and in winter many people have central heating to contend with which sap you dry.
  • Say no to ‘doing’, when you are feeling depleted.
  • When your body is hurting, stop and take a rest.

At this time of year get into the flow of pausing regularly and work with the nature of rest and recharge. Napping is good for you!


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