The power of crystal healing

Our new office manager Rebecca Marr is passionate about crystals. She explains how they can be a powerful force in your life in recalibrating your personal energy, and she offers a few tips on choosing the right crystal for you…

Rebecca Marr on crystalsCrystals have been worked with by medicine people and shamans around the world for thousands of years. Their recorded use dates back over 5,000 years in Chinese texts on traditional medicine and Ayurvedic texts from India, and the Bible has over 200 references to crystals and their powers and associations.

Crystals can be used on a daily basis to affect and maintain positive changes in our lives. It’s all about ‘energy’ and ‘vibrations’. Every crystal (or precious and semi-precious stones), from quartz to amethyst to diamond, vibrates at a specific rate. We too are one element in an always vibrating universe. Our emotions, thoughts and life situations release energy and, therefore, vibrations.

By using crystals you are working with the energy of life and harnessing the power of vibration. All energy vibrates outward and directly affects the additional vibrations it comes into contact with. So crystals can be used to recalibrate your personal energy to vibrate at a rate more conducive to communication with your higher wisdom and true – or some call it ‘divine’ – consciousness.

Crystals themselves do not heal, but they help to balance the energy in your body, which helps you in your own healing process. When accompanied by your consciousness and intention, crystals can be very powerful healing tools.


Working with blocked energy – ‘dis-ease’

Crystals work with the body at an energetic level. Disease is often just blocked energy in the body. Dis-ease is the body being ‘not at ease’. When energy flows freely it creates balance and harmony and can release dis-ease, whether physical, emotional or mental. In this way you are treating the cause of the problem, the very root of it, not the symptom of it.

Crystals rebalance and realign the life-force energy that is within us, in order to correct any dis-ease. They act on the subtle bodies surrounding the physical body and on the chakras which are the energy centres in our etheric body and link all our subtle bodies.

Crystals work by balancing the cells of our body which may be vibrating at a frequency that is too high or too low. Each cell in the body resonates at a different frequency. This is why different stones and their variety or colours are used for different parts of the body. The inner balanced structure of any crystal or gemstone will align itself with the energy of the cells in our body and bring them into balance.


Choosing your crystals

The energy of a crystal lies dormant until we awaken its elemental consciousness with unconditional love. The elemental consciousness is the living spirit of the crystal.

To do this we must regard our crystal as a dear friend who is going to help us, and in giving the crystal our energy and love we awaken the elemental consciousness of the crystal. This is easily done by focusing loving feelings onto this new friend. We give the crystal caring love, not emotional love, and we form a close relationship with the crystal.

  • Be sensitive to your need for good health and well-being and determined that this is what you are going to achieve. Concentrate on what you intend to use the crystal for (healing, insomnia, confidence, protection and so on) as this sends out a signal to the appropriate crystal for your needs.
  • Ask your Higher Self for help in choosing the right crystal for your needs. This is a way of tuning into your intuition. Trust that you will receive the help you have asked for. Look at a collection or list of crystals and choose one that draws your attention. By trusting your intuition you will be attracted to a crystal that will work with you at a deep level, to clear the cause of your problem, not the symptom of it.
  • Take your time when choosing crystals. Never be in a rush. When faced with a bowl of crystals to choose from, and no particular one is drawing your attention, place one or two in the palm of your hand, each one in turn. Feel the vibrations coming from the different crystals and be sensitive to the one that seems to link with your own vibration more strongly. This is happening when you feel a tingling in the palm of your hand, or a coldness or heat or a throbbing in time with your pulse.
  • Choosing a crystal is a two-way process – the crystal also chooses you. When you focus on what you want the crystal for the appropriate crystal will make itself known to you. Just know that whichever crystal you choose will be the right one for you. You will have chosen each other. In fact, the crystal that you choose will have been connecting with you and influencing you to acquire it.
  • There are several ways to use your chosen crystals for healing, such as laying them on the chakra placements along your body, holding them in your hand while meditating, putting them under your pillow when sleeping and/or displaying them around your home within your sacred space. Whichever way you feel most drawn to will be the right way for you.
  • Let your crystals and intuition guide you as you discover the magical power of crystal healing.






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