Varvara Dranidis talks about hygge

Our wellness and health coach Varvara Dranidis shares her 10 top strategies to stay calm and on an even keel mentally and emotionally.

  1. Connect with friends and family frequently even if it’s just sending an emoji on WhatsApp.
  2. Use positive affirmations daily – eventually negative thoughts will be less powerful.
  3. Write your thoughts down at the end of the day in a journal. Look back on the day and see what you have done really well at. Smile and celebrate even the smallest things that you’ve accomplished.
  4. Move your body, stretch any way you like.
  5. Get fresh air daily.
  6. Use breathing and mindfulness techniques daily to centre and focus your mind.
  7. Invest in a mindfulness app/podcast to provide you with guided meditations, soundscapes and positive discussions. We like the app Calm.
  8. Stay connected to your community, whether it’s coffee mornings, church or a club.
  9. Find a hobby or exercise you really enjoy.
  10. Plan something you can look forward to.

Whether you’re seeking fresh purpose in life or a new career, want to achieve weight balance and eat well, have personal health challenges or you need support relocating home and creating family harmony, Varvara’s wellness and health coaching helps you make important lifestyle changes. This is your route to feeling unstuck again, being re-energised, positive, well, calm, healthy – and functioning the best you possibly can. To find out more about how wellness and health coaching could transform your life head here


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