Rebecca Marr discusses the crystal citrineOur reiki practitioner and crystal healer Rebecca Marr suggests you bring some abundance into your life with the gem stone citrine

Citrine is a stone of personal power. It activates your ability to attract abundance into your life by using its bright, sparkling energy to magnetise prosperity of all kinds, including friendships, health and wealth. This lovely yellow crystal activates the solar plexus and supports the use of personal power with integrity. When manifesting, citrine will aid in raising your vibration so you can achieve your intentions faster.

Although citrine is renowned for bringing abundance, when used with intention, it can be deeply relaxing and restorative. Mentally, it educates on the energetic frequency by eliminating hardship, lack, competitiveness and negative attitudes. It will guide your awareness toward pleasure, plenty, gratitude and joy. It has also been used to help those who study by improving focus and attention spans and is the perfect crystal to have in your workspace.

Emotionally, citrine can purify grief, sadness and guilt. Due to its natural ability to raise energy this crystal is a fabulous ally for those who suffer from depression. While encouraging individuality, self-confidence and the courage to face and enjoy life, it makes us dynamic and encourages a desire for variety, new experiences and self-realisation. It bestows joie de vivre. It helps us overcome depression and free ourselves from oppressive influences. It enhances and encourages our ability to self-express, when otherwise we may lack confidence.

Physically, Citrine stimulates the digestion. It promotes the working of the stomach, spleen and pancreas and will even alleviate diabetes in its early stages. It fortifies the nerves and has a warming effect.

Mentally – Promotes positive mental attitude

Emotionally – Uplifts, inspires and comforts

Physically – Aids all elimination systems: lymphatic, bowels, bladder, blood


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