Practitioners: Rhi Hepple 

Cost: £45 for 60 minutes (treatment time 30 minutes)

Availability: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Please note:  Tuesday is our dedicated 'quiet zone' at The Hub for minimum outside noise for your Reiki treatment.  On other days there may be classes/other activities going on.


Reiki means ‘Universal Life Force’ and was developed by Dr Mikao Usui in the late 19th century. There is ‘ki’ or ‘chi’ (meaning energy) that runs through us passing energy centres or chakras which work like cogs, drawing the energy through the body to help promote good health.

When our bodies are in a state of imbalance, whether mentally or physically, these chakras can become stuck and prevent the healthy flow of energy through the whole body which impacts on our health and well-being. A reiki treatment works on balancing the chi through these chakras, to correct blockages so that it can flow freely to where it needs to go.

You lie fully clothed on a treatment couch or reclining chair while I gently lay my hands on the body at specific areas of need, or chakra points, to help balance the flow of energy. You may feel a sense of heat or cold at these points as the energy balances. It is a very relaxing and peaceful treatment that brings a sense of well-being within the mind and the body.

Due to its gentle nature reiki is often used to support those receiving conventional medical care in hospital or hospices.

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