Varvara Dranidis talks about hyggeThe nights are rapidly drawing in and with these shorter days so can our mental wellbeing. So what can you do to make winter feel ‘light’ in all areas of your life? Our wellness and health coach Varvara Dranidis recommends giving yourself a big hygge through winter…

Over the past few years it’s been on trend to look to Scandinavia not only for decor but lifestyle tips. Daylight hours are few and far between in Scandinavia during the winter months. This is where the Danish practice of hygge, meaning ‘to give courage, comfort, joy’, comes into play.

How to bring hygge into your life 

  • Breed a positive atmosphere by making your home space comfortable, warm and inviting the moment you walk through the door. Start with the basics such as candles and cosy lighting.
  • Try to minimise clutter and create a comforting space that soothes the mind and soul, giving you more mental capacity to stay on top of the other areas in your life that will keep you balanced when the days are dark and short.
  • A balanced diet is another key area for winter wellness. I’m not just talking about roast dinners, healthy meals and soups. But also indulging from time to time – it’s all about that balance. Enjoy that glass of wine, or delicious hot chocolate with the kids. Maybe take time to meet up with friends for a meal at your favourite eatery.
  • This leads me onto connection. Connections are so important over the winter months. Take this time to find a new routine. Make time for yourself and your family and friends. It’s tempting to want to give in to nature and hibernate, stay at home in the warm, but human connection is vitally important in keeping your mental health on an even keel.

Why not wrap up in your favourite scarf and head out for a walk, stop off for a warm cup of something and catch up with your favourite people. Not only will it clear your mind but you’ll get a wonderful endorphin boost from being out in the fresh air, moving and catching up with your best people can only be a good thing – whatever the weather!

What are your favourite things to do in the winter months? It’s a good idea to make a list and make sure you timetable these activities. Or maybe you need a little help finding your way as the days grow darker? If you’d like someone on your side my winter wellness offer could be just what you need, with 7 coaching sessions for the price 6. Schedule a discovery call today on 07471 197730.

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