Woman suffering from acute back pain

Whether it’s physical or mental and emotional pain, Jane Seaman describes how polarity therapy can help relieve and re-energise your mind and body so you can live pain-free

 In today’s world ‘pain’ has become such a generic word as there are so many forms of physical, mental and emotional distress we can go through. It can range from the sharp and intensely acute pain we receive from a fall or accident, to the ongoing aching pain of muscle tension that comes from illness or structural imbalances. And then there is emotional pain, which can be overwhelming at times and erupt during times of grief, separation or relationship/work/life worries.

And while there are many forms the experience of pain can take, the underlying factor in all aspects of our distress is that it is our energy that defines our physical, mental and emotional world – and when that is disrupted it is then that we feel pain. As a polarity therapist I view any form of pain as an interruption in energy flow not only through the nervous system, but also through the energy body. It is then my role to get your energy moving again to restore the natural balance and relieve the pain.

How I deal with it really depends on the type of pain and its cause:

Acute pain When there is trauma (a fall or accident), the body’s natural response is with swelling and inflammation as blood and energy flow to the area. Calming the area down by drawing off excess energy in that spot allows for the underlying healing to take place.

  • A solution: simply place your left hand over the trauma site (if it is too traumatised you can hold a position above the wound) and your right hand opposite the wound. In polarity our left hand is cooling and calming, while our right is activating and energising – I compare it to when a child falls over and we rub it better: what we are doing here is re-polarising and re-flowing the energy so the pain is relieved.

Longterm pain When physical pain has been present for a long time treatment takes a different approach as the energy needs activation and motivation as it has become stagnant and contracted.

  • A solution: aside from muscle releasing techniques and body realignment, the main focus is on balancing out the nervous system and switching it from firing off pain signals to instead relaxing and releasing tension within the body. By doing this you create the right environment for the body to heal itself.

Emotional pain is tackled differently as the work takes place in the mental and emotional energy centres of the body rather than the physical. These centres (or chakras) are located down the centre line of the body and each one needs balancing and polarising so proper expression of emotions are re-established and feelings of joy and happiness are able to return.

In all cases of pain the aim of polarity is to get you to a place where life is ideally pain-free (or at least the pain is  manageable) and you are able to express your emotions effortlessly and with a more positive outlook and thought process.

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